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Technique 2015 Drum & Bass Annual

Technique end the year with the obligatory track roundup and there’s a broad spectrum of their sound to get your ears. There’s a few that ring will with me, especially the Document One offerings, which should be up for the nab ASAP.  That’s just me through and there’ll be something for all, easy.  So get locked on and celebrate Techniques 2015

The ones

Document One – Jazz Club

Jazz Club kicks off lightly with subtle jazz double bass work and a wooden snare before unleashing a thick wet, twisting bassline. A welcome contrast of sounds.

Drumsound & Bassline Smith – I Need Somebody

A bit piece for the duo in 2015. Wrapped up in layers and injected Drumsound & Bassline Smith energy with a sprinkling of tinkering keys and a deliciously rave reminiscent vocal.

Spectrem – Say Goodbye

A delicious little synth pattern and driving liquid percussion on this piece.

Tantrum Desire – Pump

Tantrum Desire kranks it up on cue before dropping and chopping up the breaks with a half time feel, sublimely. There’s still lashings of synth and hyped up energy and the vocal sample has me harking back to all those school discos enjoyed in guilty fashion.

Document One – Follow Me (Top Pick)

The lighter sides of the LP, Document One, yet again, brings forth a tasty sound. Clear twisting bassline wraps around the clarity of percussion.

Tantrum Desire & Matrix & Futurebound – Shadows

Sound tasty bassline play on the break from these two, streamed over by some classic noughties synth and an electronic scatter pattern, not unlike a slap bass makes for a surprisingly welcome feel to the ears.

2DB – Quaalude

This synth line and that big ripping bassline all make for good, extravagant times on the floor.

15 Years of Technique – Summer Selection

Giving this album a total play I was completely lifted on the vibes by the end. So many Top Picks makes it hard to choose.   Both tracks from Document One hit myself and the Drumsound and Bassline Smith are totally on cue. All the collabs with War Machine are also top of the pile but with that said all the collabs here are excellent. There’s truly a good range of DnB to be had here, whether you’re up for losing your head in a blanket of sound, what to get down and serious inside or just sit back and lose yourself in the rhythm.  It’s not just for Summer.
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Drumsound and Bassline Smith – I Need Somebody

True to form Drumsound and Bassline Smith launch in with a dancefloor ripper. Classic vocals will have arms in the air and sweat dripping form the walls as listeners are serenaded.

Drumsound and Bassline Smith – Sweet Boulevard

Sunshine vibes and a tip to for the hat to what for some will bring back memories of DJ Inks – Can’t Wait. Slap Funk riffs and synth horns underpin the classic soul drenched lyrics (Don’t make me wait).

Tantrum Desire – Sea Breeze

A true to form build up from the Tantrum Desire launches into some strolling percussion, peppered with liquid acid tinged keys.

Document One – Falling (Top Pick)

Document One mixes up the soundscape here. With some tech glitch employed over a deep down sub-bass line creating a delicious contrast.

L-Plus – Raindrops

Wooden percussion elements introduce what is essentially classic synth melody. Awash with air drops and deviations into Amen breakage and heavy sub pads, Raindrops envelops the listener.

Toronto is Broken feat. Amy Kirkpatrick – Someone Close (Top Pick)

Amy Kirkpatrick vocals wash over some xylophone percussive elements before relinquishing to a fresh, teeth grinding bassline. Beautiful.

Melinki and Phenz – Deep In My Heart (Top Picks)

Strong percussive work knocks through Deep In My Heart as an ever dominating bassline rumbles through. At this point in the album I’m so drunk on the vibes.

War Machine and Jaybee – Bloodhound (Top Pick)

At this point it’s a fucking pleasure to here that dirty twisted bassline, what a combination of talent here. War Machines and Jaybees influences both cut through in HD.

Payback, AKA and Conspire – Torn Apart

This roller has a gloriously crafted drum line and subtle, deep, deep, deep bassline. One of those close your eyes and get yourself hypnotised Drum track.

Document One – What Goes Up

Piano drenched vocal lifter. Document Ones 2nd piece on the album lifts up before dropping in disgustingly classy fashion. A very special bassline here.

Blade , Conspire & Soul Structure – Crepuscular Light (Top Pick)

Jazzy vibes from the trio. A rushing rhythm and relentless low down sub, drive this roller through, for a blessed of a soundscape.

Erb N Dub and Skope – Vibes

Half Step time as this digital funk piece steps on through. High level synth is underpinned by some heavy kicks and quick snappy wooden percussion.

Brian Brainstorm – Pon Di Streets

Jungle vibes are felt through percussion and piano on this floor thunderer. Strong props on the bassline here

Spillage – Lose Control

Lose Control features all the ingredients for the Drum and Bass / Trance synth love crowd. Squelchy synth basslines a Dubstep breakdown, rave piano and some acid hits. Hard not to lose control this beast.

Salaryman and War Machine – Night Shift (Top Pick)

Night Shift’s thoroughly low down bassline and minimalist percussion paint a grimy soundscape. Another great collab with the War Machine and a tasty Salary Man piece to boot.

Blockwork – Subversive (Instant Remix)

Instant has down a good piece of workage to create a dark roller of high calibre. Light keys pepper throughout crisps percussion and throbbing bass work.

Kronology – Untouchable

Ripping bassline and strolling drum patterns rush through this dancefloor number. Synth strong this one, but a tasty little melody.

North Base – Bikini Dance

Light pattering synth melody brings smiles to this dancefloor smasher before releasing the any stops for some maximum envelopment. All the smiles.

Spectrem – Fade (Feat. Kyphosis)

Pitch shifted flute on the intro for this vocal liquid piece moves into some measured snare work underpinning a deep piano melody.

Digital – Groove Together (Top Pick)

Digital throws his lot in for the album with a sublime, dub drenched roller. Earthquakes come to mind.

Order – Closer

No nonsense from the start. All enveloping tech synth warps through crisp percussion, driving pure energy.

Melinki – Summer Solstice

Some deep rolling sunshine vibes right here. Piano melody plays over deep rumbling basslines and crisp snare work whilst flutes and light airy synth travel across.

LAOS – City Light

LAOS raises up layers before bringing it all down deep for a techy drum piece. A walking rhythm plays well for a tasty tropical vibe.

Tremah – Moonlight

Sultry sax plays Moonlight through as a steady humming bassline persists under and faint piano keys dance across this sublimely soulful piece. Bliss.

Drumsound and Bassline Smith – Memories

Dancefloor shaker with overtones of hope. Serene and devastating in equal measure.

Drumsound and Bassline Smith – Primitive

Classic Drumsound and Bassline cinema here with a stormer of a build-up, thrashing bassline rolls and massive synth stabs.

Conspire – Foundations

Conspire keeps it deep on Foundations, dropping into some furious Amen inspired percussion whilst layering in light pitch twinkle and anchored by a heavyweight, phat bassline

MaxNRG – feat. Marianna

Hands in the air feeling build with a strong release into full range melodic synth, all serenaded by Marianna’s determined vocal play. Pretty damn euphoric!

LAOS – Belong

Beautiful vocals play over a thick, rough snare and lowdown driving bassline.   As the piece progresses the bassline for Belong is twisted into addictive shapes and synth melody gently opens up cinematically across the soundscape.

L PLUS – Looking At You

Percussive variation is clearly at play here as the fire is brought to the piece from an amalgamation of rich mid-range layers and squelchy synth bass.