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The Truth EP – Sunchase (Medshool)

Sunchase – The Truth EP is a rare treat to the ears. Each track offering its own aural joys and experience. Featured quite heavier in the SoS mixcast series recent, well worth getting in your ears.

The Truth – Sunchase

Title track of the Sunchase EP – The Truth awakens with a slowly building synth, filled with positive vibes and promise. A feel good piece which still manages to maintain a deep level of sophistication. What better way to open the summer for us here in the northern hemisphere. Time to wake up and brush those cobwebs away before things heat up.

All of us (feat. Scoda Galina) – Sunchase

A late hours, laid back piece, All of Us features a beautiful high level synth which permeates wet percussive elements. The vibe is grounded by a double deep bassline with a funky feel to it and kissed with Scoda Galina’s serene vocals.

Kolo – Sunchase and BluMarTen

Kolo is the product of a pleasant combination between two serious outfits. A thoughtful piece, Kolo features sounds from both, a light crisp snare and some pattering drum work is accompanied by a pleasant Blu Mar Ten Bassline (just a guess). For me it’s the shy synth patterns and signals that make this track.

Slowly – Sunchase

A minimal piece, suitable for any slumber. Clever manipulation to wooden percussion rides a low pulsating bassline all combine with ethereal sampling. Packed with sounds, creating a mystic aural soundscape

Thing – Sunchase

One of four exceptional pieces from the, Sunchase – Truths EP. Thing is a deep lowkey piece featuring some nice vocal pitch shifting creating a cheeky impish vibe.

Think – Sunchase

Think is a funky little roller with Jazz overtones, which rushes along through some classy secondary snare, crunch sounds and builds a delicious progressive groove.

Buy here – https://www.hospitalrecords.com/shop/release/sunchase/medic45-the-truth-ep

On these mixes

SoS – May Shouts 1 (Sunchase, Digital, Paul SG, Utah Jazz)

In the first snippet from the May Signals of Sound mixcast we take a section from the latter part of the mix which offers some contrast as it transitions in style from dark scientific to Soul drenched.  Including new tracks from Sunchase and Digital this is one to get your ears on.

Sunchase – Thing (Hospital)

One of four exceptional pieces from the, Sunchase – Truths EP. Thing is a deep lowkey piece featuring some nice vocal pitch shifting creating a cheeky impish vibe.

Buy here – https://www.hospitalrecords.com/shop/release/sunchase/medic45-the-truth-ep

Digital, Audio Habitat & Mad Vibes – Maintain (Dispatch)

On the B side of Digitals – Red Alert release on Dispatch.  This collab has some wonderful low-fi work on this and a classic Dub drenched baseline meant this was a must have purchase – Dispatch are having a cracking time at the moment on their limited releases. Grab whilst you can.

Dispatch store (early vinyl with free wavs + free stickers / digital): https://www.dispatchrecordings.com/product/dis089-digital-digital-audio-habitat-mad-vibes-red-alert-a-message-maintain/

Paul SG & Tayla – Destination Unknown

From the Paul SG back catalogue.  Whilst investigating the recent Jazzassins work ‘The Chalet’ I did a bit of digging around in the Paul SG achieves.  Destination Unknown is a sublime little roller, pacey and hypnotic packed with jazz and soul hits.

Utah Jazz – In the Mix

Digging through the stack for a convient move, it was clearly time for some Utah Jazz so on went this frantic roller from the early 2000’s.  Quite a strong bassline on this piece deserves more airtime 😉

Hope you all enjoy – the full mix will come shorty.