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For the Ride – Two unmissable DnB Mixes (Rowpieces for Fokuz + Patife for SunandBass)

These two mixes have been accompanying me all hours of the day for the past two months so consistently that I have to give them a shout.  The Rowpieces mix for Fokuz Recordings inspired me to get my ear on his recent release Paradigm Shift and get the entire back catalogue.  Kaspers brief intro is solid as fuck with some wonderful piece on Digtial Blus, Cosmology – City of Lights ft. Ella Sopp.

The mix for the SunandBass podcast from Patife is still pushing my buttons, packed with, such a sweet, fucked up soul vibe throughout.  Should accompany you everywhere.

Paradigm Shift – Rowpieces (A good dose of Jazz/Funk Drum and Bass and Hip-Hop)

It’s hard not to be drawn in by Rowpieces beautiful Jazz/Funk Drum and Bass and Hip-hop. I have to thank Bryan G for bringing my ear to Paradigm Shift, it’s an album that pushes all my buttons. Give it a try, the heat just bursts through > buy. Top tracks have to be From Another Star, for its shear rollerism and Formative Years for the journey it takes the listener on. The Random Movement remix of Super Soul has a rib ticking bassline to be heard and there are, of cause, all the crunchy snares Rowpieces brings to the slower tempo pieces on this tasty little album. Purchase Paradigm Shifts

Brother’s Keeper
A sweet, deeply sublime piece opens up the album. Gentle piano and wistful vocals play across this gentle sunkist soundscape. The second half of Brother’s Keeper chills the overall vibe further with some sleepy sax to accompany this intoxicating ride.

From Another Star (Top track)
A glorious little roller. From another star puts a spring in the step. Some wonderfully crafted bassline wobble. Thoroughly addictive.

Revolution Won’t be Televized feat Franz Von
Rowpieces takes the album down for some Jazzy/Funk Hip Hop. Light piano tickles a slow funk double bass play whilst a walking beatline strolls through. Lyrically, Franz Von approaches the commentary along the typical vain of Lee Scott’s ‘Revolution will not be Televised’.

Soap Bubbles on You – Rowpieces and Pulsaar
A soul funk inspired number with plenty of brass, a rushing rhythm and deep slap bass, which packs an element of roll. Light keys accompany playful Xylophone, Flute and Guitar riffs throughout making this a thoroughly musically roller.

Mind Chat (feat P.Fine)
Deep crunchy beats are provided to P.Fines earthy poetry, whilst Rowpieces layers on some light organ, making for some blissful hip-hop vibes.

New Stage of Life
Launching in with some bongo percussion and well executed cheesy synth Rowpieces underpins the ride with some deep warm sub. A light organ layers on, as the rush continues with Rowpieces continuing to sprinkle in vocal snippets.

Need For Clarity
Strong kicks and pure snares roll this track in, as an organ inspired synth creeps in for the drop, which brings a forth a low down, fast oscillating bassline. A true roller this one, with an ethereal feel and some distant soul vocals.

Keep Walking (feat P.Fine)
The second track written for P.Fine is a steady, walking, jazzy piano piece. After throwing in a rib shaking tonal bassline with some playful keys Rowpieces lets the rhythm speak for itself whilst P.Fine solidifies the need to Keep Walking.

Super Soul (Random Movement Remix)
Super Soul gets the Rando Movement treatment. Staying pure to the raw energy of the original, Random Movement throw in some heavy kicks and amp up the rolling basslines to great effect. Watch your ribs.

Satisfy Me
The warmth of Satisfy Me is felt from the onset. Featuring some deviate little organ and lots of lively percussion work. This is ideal poolside drum.

Formative Years (Top Track)
This is an important piece from the album. With a steady 160 bpm, Rowpieces takes time to build percussion before throwing in a seriously delicious slab of bass only to switch to jazz sax in fine style. There’s always room for a longer piece of Drum and Bass production if the artist takes as much time to build a soundscape with as much detail as Formative Years

Just 4 Love (feat. Kryptomedic)
Some solid kicks and percussion here brought together under a funky vibe.