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Lenzman – All For You EP

I’ll try to hold back all my bias about Lenzmans debut on his new project – The North Quarter, I always feel my ears burning at the knowledge of a release form this man. The All For You EP is gorgeously soulful and deep.  Throughout the EP there’s some inspiring piano work, which I’m lost for words to explain how good it makes me feel.  Also the rushing sounds of Don’t Let Go and Down for Whatever – here >> http://thenorthquarter.nl/album/all-for-you-ep

African Dream

An ethereal piano splashes lazily across this deep meditative piece a submerse bassline sustains and undulates through.

Don’t Let Go

Rushing percussion work races across a soundscape, punctured by crooning vocals and driven by a thick wedge of a bassline.

Down for Whatever

Lenzman is absolutely solid on the drum work here whilst throwing in some tasty open hi-hats. Vocal work weaves in and out of a lazy distant piano and combines the rapid nature of the piece to add a concentrated focus this piece.

Grateful feat. DRS

A cheeky little number with some absolutely fire percussion and a naughty little of lose piano key. DRS adds his own cheek through his prose, although it’s a serious subject matter 😉

So Alone

On hearing So Alone it was the first time on the EP I really noticed the depth of Piano work Lenzman has applied to this EP. The warmth of the bassline on this wonderfully crafted composition rocks its foundations with care. Inspirational.

Children of Zeus feat. DRS – Still Standing (Lenzman Remix)

Poetic lessons on how to appreciate your mother’s witnesses some emotional honesty from DRS. And glides over soul caressing piano work from the mighty Lenzman.

Rico Tubbs & AMPR – Big Bad Tune / Red Sun [Bass=Win]

Quite a tasty handful of tracks and remixes on this little package.  Whether you be up for the brutalisation which is Big Bad Tune and its classy Matt Craig remix or the sounds of Red Sun, on a DnB / Garage tip. Buy > http://smarturl.it/BEW057iTunes

Rico Tubbs & AMPR – Big Bad Tune

Strong UK G flavour on this one, with a tech bassline that holds little back – screw face time. If you fancy a more restrained taste of this beast then ease into Matt Craigs Remix.  Although still rough and ready for the dancefloor the remix drives in with a thick treacly bassline and ever so slightly deep feels.

Rico Tubbs & AMPR – Red Sun (Teknian & ZeroZero Remix)

Teknian and ZeroZero roll in on the Drum and Bass remix for Red Sun. High treble piano keys make their play, tipping hats off to an older sound before pulling in for a thrilling percussive ride.  This is all lovingly underpinned by a healthy slab of growling bass.

Rico Tubbs & AMPR – Red Sun (1point5 Remix)

A drop in tempo from the Teknian & ZeroZero Remix, 1point5 stick get guttural on this remix. Still plastered with rave vibes 1point5 have lashed the soundscape with some classic percussion and a cheeky little bassline.