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SoS – Sept 2016

Wanted to through a couple of shouts out to some albums this week so I’ve packed in some pieces from the London Elecktricity Medschool scans, The Music Factory from Utah Jazz and one piece from Lenzmans, All for You EP.  The cover art was is a love letter to sunandbass – I didn’t make it this year – sorry.

One the Medschool scans there was the Electrosoul System remix of Swivel.  This particular piece did some nice mood shifting on The Vanguard Projects – Stiches, which always gets me.  Form the same remix LP, due to being a fanboy, I have to put in the Kimyan Law remix of That Thing you Do.  The Music Factory from Utah Jazz also gets a few plays with Exploration, Growth Comes and rounding the mix off with ‘One of a Kind’.

The day before putting the mix together Lenzman also released his debut EP, All For You, on new project, The North Quarter.  From that piece I selected All Alone, which had instant impact on the soul for this emotional nutcase. On the point of deep emotion there are also two pieces form Kid Drama’s Covering Ground EP, which my ears came embarrassing late to.

I’ve already mentioned the inclusion of The Vanguard Projects – Stiches, sublime but I also wanted to throw in the intoxicated floor shaker Karma.  At this junction the mix seemed to work nicely with Baily and Tali’s Stargazing and Command Strange – Try to Understand, two tracks from the Liquid V club sessions release that have consumed me on the dancefloor.

For the essential bow to greatness I thought it was time to give Origin Unknowns – Truly One a good thrashing.  I also picked out an obscure Calyx piece from my early days, a remix responsible for my current appreciation of the artist, a remix packed full of leftfield in composition and truly challenged me when I picked it all those years ago.

It’s also worth mentioning the mix intro from Hybrid Minds – Skeletons, the second release on their new project, a project worth keeping an eye on.  Not least because of the precise packaging and sexy vinyl they have put out twice now.  When the world ends the gramophone owners will be begging you to make an appearance.

SoS – June 2016 (Ivy Lab, Nicky Blackmarket, DLR, Q Project, Richie Brains)

Random Movement – Sleazy Bitch (Ivy Lab Remix) – http://fokuzrecordings.com/fokuz-recordings-presents-hateful-eighty/

The originally deep, sleazy roller from Random Movement gets the Ivy Lab treatment. This track has also had a Lenzman remix. All three versions sublime.

Voltage – Courvoisier Crank (Nicky Blackmarket Remix) – https://www.beatport.com/track/courvoisier-crank-voltage-and-nicky-blackmarket-remix/7932116

I was late to this one. A naughty little roller with a raw edge, cranked up by the Nicky Blackmarket.

Q Project – Champion Sound (DLR 2016 Jungle Refix) – https://ciarecords1.bandcamp.com/album/ciaqslps001-cia-20-album-sampler

This refix is a lovingly crafted headnod to the original classic. Brilliant vibes.

Voyage – Richie Brains – https://exitrecordsuk.bandcamp.com/album/exit-lp016-richie-brains-who-is-richie-brains-lp

From the Exit Records – Who is Richie Brains LP. This piece is full of old school gestures and stamped with the Exit quality mark

Full mix here > https://soundcloud.com/signalsofsound/sos-june-2016

SoS – May 2016

Opening up with Conducts B-Side to the Bat Country release on Blu Mar Ten Music, Betas Error. A steady, whimsical piece with sinister under currents, Betas Error is a nice thought provoker before the launch into Garrison Law. Setting the scene for the next 20+ mins Garrison Law features a menacing stab bassline, underpinned by some furiously rushing percussion. A solid collaboration from masters Digital, Sprint and Response on V Recordings.

Sticking with the V Recordings for the next piece, Garrison Law is followed by the b-side to Fats Brand New Style release, Inner Soul. With Serum, underpinning some strong variation on percussion with strong b-line frequencies and Fats prophesying over, Inner Soul is a gem of a ride. At this point the mix takes a little look back with the beefy Total Science piece, Squash and then into the Med School archives on Trisector – Morning Rain (Also on Medschool 10 Years), with a nice deep bass anchor.

There’s a small rest bite after Morning Rain on Blu Mar Ten and Strays serene collab – Blind Soul through into some quirky pressure from Electrosoul System on Harder Than Sox Travel before entering into a steaming jump up remix of Aphrodite’s classic, King of the Beats. Levalas remix is closely followed by the raw filth of Impish – So Sick, another great piece to come out of Fokuz Recordings. Following that earlier frenzy it was time to pull bring in some light and soul to the mix.

Command Strange – Watcha Doing brings the funk before moving through to Zero T’s blissful, So Close, followed by the enveloping layers of Saint Blood from Med School talent Luca. Through the heady optimism that is Saint Blood, the darker side of Jazz inspired Drum and is brought by DJ SS on Shadows before one quarter of Philths Elements EP filters through, a intelligent and emotive aural portrait of Earth.

Earth is followed by the playful vibes of Frederic Robinson, on the remix of Keeno – Nocturne before the crisp percussion of Anile – Depths rolls in followed by one of six wonderful pieces on the Alix Perez and Ivy Lab EP – Arkestra. The Last Light is a cheeky little jazz roller, with a bassline and organ ride that stretch out like a cat on a sunshine drenched lawn.

As the mix comes to a close there’s time for one from the Logistics LP, Electric Sun (Tell Me True) and a quick head bow to Blu Mar Tens – Believe Me before moving into the a side of the track featured at the beginning of the mix. Conducts Bat Country, with its haunting guitars, choppy beats and bass play paints a refreshing drum and bass soundscape.

Signals of Sound Nov 2015

The November mix started up off pretty dark but the Soul/Jazz makes a heavy return at the end. Enjoy.

Kicking off with Kimyan Laws variation for Diaymo and moving into Digitals – A Message. Both these tracks are wonderfully challenging. A Message needs some concentrated listening just to feel all the hidden pieces, a great piece. This is followed by some new pieces from Blu Mar Ten, Royalston and Riya, the latter two from these two artists cracking new albums. Philith is particularly welcome for bringing that disgusting vibe on Fall Apart.

The mood switches at this point and smooth-ens with a BMTM b-side from Spirit and a return to the past with a smooth ride form one part of Roni Sizes Reprazent – DJ Suv. At this point the groove is laid out across tracks from Cutworks, Saxxon, Zero T, Need for Mirrors, Krot, Rizla, Tokyo Prose and that wonderful sunshine piece from Bailey – Sugar.

Kimyan Law – Diaymo VIP
Digital – A Message
SAAL – Signs (Blu Mar Ten Remix)
Royalston – The Warth of Mr Sparkes
Riya and Philth – Fall Apart
Spirit – 107
DJ Suv – Lost Angel
Cutworks – Soulroot
Saxxon – The Only One Feat. Jon Scott
Zero T and Need for Mirrors – Top Shelf feat Spikey Tee
Fizzing fish – Shzirikens Groove
Krot, Rizla – My Only One Feat Meduza
Tokyo Prose – Tell Me
Bailey – Sugar
Looking In (Feat ED:IT) – Without Worry
Dave Owen – Red Sky at Night
Roy Green and Protone – Renaissance
BCEE – Breath In