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Soulful Nature – Going Nowhere EP [NexGen Music]

A soulful rolling EP, drenched with sunshine. Opening with Going Nowhere, peppered with sun-drenched strings, a light hint of keys and at times some sax, all led by a lowdown rumbling bassline   .  Still Love U is a deeper and more hypnotic my nature with light keys rushing drum work all u underpinned by a big round bassline.
Buy Link – http://bit.ly/1SNvmao

Third up on this EP is Something New. Launching in with happy positive vibes with a combination of instrumentation that shows this producers style strongly.  There’s some sexy drum breaks and a scaling up of bassline in there as well, making this the SOS top-pick.

Finally, through all the blessed feelings we are treated to yet more on Doing Me. This thoughtful piece sees Soulful Nature on the string tip again.  Doing Me, has a nice raw draw to it on the drum work as it permeates through the subtle rolling bassline.