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Best of NexGen Music Group 2015 (March 29th 2016)

Come march the 29th new comer label, Nexgen will be putting out a three track remembrance of their best of 2015. On this piece there are three selected tracks from Drum and Bass, House and Garage Fusion.

From the Drum and Bass camp, Soulful Natures Passing By gets the release. A soulful rolling piece, blessed with laidback vocals a steady piano melody with light tickling of keys.

Kachina & Prangman – Smile Ft. Afua is a chilled house piece. Enriched with Afuas vocals, full ranged percussion is blessed with brass and a deep warm bassline.

The final piece is Prangmans House/Garage fused – Herschel. Keeping it deep and warped circularly with layers on the intro the break twists into a much darker throbbing piece.