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SoS – June Shouts 2 (Exile, Utah Jazz, Bachelors of Science)

Snippet from the SoS Mixcast for June 2015. Airing shortly on https://www.signalsofsound.com

Exile – Only If
From a Moving Shadow white label, Picked up in 2003. I snapped up as many of these as I could in my 20’s. Only if is unlike most of the other tracks on the EP, a jazzy roller featuring a great bit of cowbell percussion, some improvised sax and a nice little jazz man loop.

Utah Jazz – Quincy
A Utah Jazz classic and up for free download >>> https://soundcloud.com/utahjazzmusic/utah-jazz-quincy-free-download. Quincy is a fiery piece of Jazzy Drum and Bass, packed full of energy on the break, featuring a playful organ sound and a bassline that warps it all up perfectly

Bachelors of Science – Words feat Audio Angel
This blitz of a track, begs to be danced to. Some wonderfully restrained vocal pitch shifting and a ripper of bassline.

Image thanks to BluMarTen – https://instagram.com/blumarten/