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The Vanguard Project – Vol 3 (Spearhead Recordings)

The Vanguard Project have made the hat trick with their Vol 3 release on Spearhead. This volume is packed full of deep and full bodied basslines, thought provoking patterns with a sprinkle of dance floor energy.

Available at http://www.spearheadrecords.co.uk

FLLN4U – Full bodied bassline with vocal play that drips over like warm chocolate

From Inside – Cosmic sounds create an expansive soundscape coupled with a deep sustained bassline to create a dominating internal core, from which to look out at from.

From Inside – Can be seen as the EP’s vocal offering. Milestone is a packed full of positive forward looking feels.  With some magical key work and a gorgeously deep bassline.

More Jungle – Jazz and Dub influences grace a huge furry bassline, which rumbles under, quick fast, shuffling drumwork. Superb.

Lenzman – All For You EP

I’ll try to hold back all my bias about Lenzmans debut on his new project – The North Quarter, I always feel my ears burning at the knowledge of a release form this man. The All For You EP is gorgeously soulful and deep.  Throughout the EP there’s some inspiring piano work, which I’m lost for words to explain how good it makes me feel.  Also the rushing sounds of Don’t Let Go and Down for Whatever – here >> http://thenorthquarter.nl/album/all-for-you-ep

African Dream

An ethereal piano splashes lazily across this deep meditative piece a submerse bassline sustains and undulates through.

Don’t Let Go

Rushing percussion work races across a soundscape, punctured by crooning vocals and driven by a thick wedge of a bassline.

Down for Whatever

Lenzman is absolutely solid on the drum work here whilst throwing in some tasty open hi-hats. Vocal work weaves in and out of a lazy distant piano and combines the rapid nature of the piece to add a concentrated focus this piece.

Grateful feat. DRS

A cheeky little number with some absolutely fire percussion and a naughty little of lose piano key. DRS adds his own cheek through his prose, although it’s a serious subject matter 😉

So Alone

On hearing So Alone it was the first time on the EP I really noticed the depth of Piano work Lenzman has applied to this EP. The warmth of the bassline on this wonderfully crafted composition rocks its foundations with care. Inspirational.

Children of Zeus feat. DRS – Still Standing (Lenzman Remix)

Poetic lessons on how to appreciate your mother’s witnesses some emotional honesty from DRS. And glides over soul caressing piano work from the mighty Lenzman.

Philth – The Elements EP

Philth’s sets the scene with a deeply ethereal non percussive intro piece – Elements, before launching into the matter (50% matter) at hand. How to cover all the four elements? as we know them anyway 😉
Buy > https://peerpressurerecordsuk.bandcamp.com/album/philth-the-elements

Earth – Featuring a thoroughly deep, grounded bassline and some steady, tapping, percussive elements. Earth is full of wistful emotion, with a strong element of mournfulness, which is captured in the synth melody and slow fall and rise of orchestral notes.

Air – Crisp, light snares ride through a warming, pattering bassline whilst Philth wraps layers of synth in light contrast to purvey an uplifting soundscape. This is a nice journey, as melodies and another elements are shifted and changed then brought through to tell a story of ever changing contrast. Very clearly like the Air.

Fire – Kicking off with a clockwork mechanism and a slow rising orchestral build. Fire moves ominously into some dirty percussion and a stretched, squelchy bassline. Dirty business.

Water feat Collette Warren – Ok! with Collette on the vocals it’s going to be nice and sultry but Philth rips it all up beautifully for a filthy, flowing yet rattily ride. Probably the best of the bunch.

Full Kontakt – Minds of industrial [Formation Records]

The EP kicks off with Epica. After a dark cinematic intro, this piece actually launches into a pretty nice, rolling soundscape. All very dramatic and injected to the brim with positive aggression.
It’s the dark vibes of The Creeper stick out (for me) from the EP, with some pacing percussion and twisted bassline underpinned by a low down yet subtle sub bassline. Buy: http://bit.ly/1UBiqF7

The final two pieces are a contrast. Mind Overload is a twisted full on stompathon where One Million Questions is packed with liquid tech vibes with Cory Friesenhan wistfully decanting his lullaby throughout.

Sikka – Sikkist EP [Formation Records]

A furious EP with a nice little choppy sample collab with DJ SS kicks off the EP on Bring it Low which leads through to Ferocious Flow and into the title track Sikkist. By this point a furious dancefloor burning scene is set for this new Formation Records signing.

Mid way through now and it’s time for anther SS collab on Burst Into Love. Featuring a big round bassline with some cheeky rolls, tasty stuff (SoS Pick).

The EP persists through to the next four offerings. The Raver with an epic build and screeching hoovers and Focus with a sinister turn and some glorious bounce (SoS Pick). Zombies is a frantic, choppy piece of Neurofunk with some pleasant drum work played through where BeLieve has a curious little opening which warrants some attention before unleashing into a rolling flow (This one won me over in the end).

Mark Heaney – Monument of Sound, Pt. 2 – EP

Mark Heaney brings a blessed drum sound on Pt. 2 of the Monument of Sound EP. Featuring 4 raw tracks, packed with tasty percussion and high and low moods to get the ears on. Buy > https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/monument-of-sound-pt.-2-ep/id1049087957

Leviathan features crashing cymbals and a pacey synth bass which strides on through. On Street Story the listener is eased in with some light, quick shot percussion and a deep down bassline before soaring layers intervene to transform the soundscape (Top Pick). Frequency is all buzz and static, harmonising over some higher layer drum roll and a deep Dubstep-esque (sorry) snare line, divine stuff.

Akuratyde – Embrace EP (Pure Joy!)

A wonderful release from BMTM for Akuratyde.  The Embrace EP features 4 pieces that are closer to the lighter Blu Mar Ten sound than my ears have felt in a while and an essential listen. Buy here > https://blumarten.bandcamp.com/album/embrace-ep

Whether you are up for the pure, tearful joy of Light in My Eyes (Top pick), the hope and promise expressed through the wrapping melody on Sway or the darker undertones felt on Time Left Behind there is variation for all.  There’s also a good mix of rhythm variation for the EP, with both Sway and Embrace sticking to the usual DnB roll, with Embrace featuring some pleasant reverby snares


Sway is full of hope and promise.  Warm bass underpins light synth and a wrapping melody

Time Left Behind

Deep with dark undertones, this half time piece has

Lights in My Eyes (Top Pick)

For the emotive. This immersive soundscape will bring a tear to the eyes.  A joyful, pure rise.


Relaxed Light keys play over a stead tom kick rhythm and some reverby click snares.