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Conduct – Borderlands LP (BMTM)

A contrast of soundscapes, Conducts debut EP brings both a thought provoking depth and some sketchy aggression, all raw and uncensored. BluMarTen describe it as an album of severe light and shade, a perfect description. Borderlands warrants your attention. There’s a load of different purchase bundles to get into also >>> http://www.blumarten.com/product/conduct-borderlands-lp/

Opens with some beautiful solemn strings before breaking into some frantic wooden shot snares accompanied by percussion which echoes and reverbs around as if in a vast open space on.
Wistful steel guitar play accompanies broken percussion creating a an emotive sense of wilderness
Piano Tune
A monster beat line powers its way through synth hits, dominating a subtle Piano line. Mad stuff.
A dark mystically, piece which shoots right down into tumultuous depths, only to be brought up occasionally by some tense light Xylophone play.
Packed full of menacingly twisted hoover bass, knocking around sinister vibes as some strong percussion ricochets throughout the soundscape
Bat Country
Haunting guitar, choppy beats and deep down bass play paints a refreshing drum and bass soundscape.
Thoroughly earth bound basslines puncture roll and stab through punchy kicks on this nerve wrecker
Betas Error
A steady, whimsical piece with sinister under currents, Betas Error is a nice thought provoker
Grand Panjadrum
A wonderfully uplifting piece, of which I’m a sucker for. Guitars again here and a BIG lazy kick drum, taking its time through. Yes I cried, lolz.
This menacing soundscape has an eastern chant crossed with alarm siren, warning feel to it. This is accompanied by a huge rounded bassline which rips through occasionally.
Big marching snares and an absolutely pissed of bassline characterise this piece. Dancefloor mess business > Ooofff, need to catch a breath.

Conduct – Bat Country/Beta’s Error – BMTM

An intellengent little piece, typical quality from the BMTM camp and we are all looking forward to Conducts forthcoming LP 😉

On the A-side is Conduct blesses us with Bat Country. Haunting guitars, chopy beats and bass play paints a refreshing drum and bass soundscape. Definitely twigged my ears.

Conducts B-Side to the Bat Country is Betas Error. A steady, whimsical piece, with sinister under currents a gorgeous thought provoker.

Buy links:
Vinyl: http://www.bmt.dj/BMT037vinyl
Digital: http://www.bmt.dj/BMT037digital

Akuratyde – Embrace EP (Pure Joy!)

A wonderful release from BMTM for Akuratyde.  The Embrace EP features 4 pieces that are closer to the lighter Blu Mar Ten sound than my ears have felt in a while and an essential listen. Buy here > https://blumarten.bandcamp.com/album/embrace-ep

Whether you are up for the pure, tearful joy of Light in My Eyes (Top pick), the hope and promise expressed through the wrapping melody on Sway or the darker undertones felt on Time Left Behind there is variation for all.  There’s also a good mix of rhythm variation for the EP, with both Sway and Embrace sticking to the usual DnB roll, with Embrace featuring some pleasant reverby snares


Sway is full of hope and promise.  Warm bass underpins light synth and a wrapping melody

Time Left Behind

Deep with dark undertones, this half time piece has

Lights in My Eyes (Top Pick)

For the emotive. This immersive soundscape will bring a tear to the eyes.  A joyful, pure rise.


Relaxed Light keys play over a stead tom kick rhythm and some reverby click snares.

Need for Mirrors – Ethos / Self Portrait (BMTM)

Need for Mirrors launch on to BluMarTen Music with two deeper than deep thoughtful pieces.  This is an artist that is on fire at the momment and well worth getting involved in.  Once more thanks to BluMarTen for what started of as ‘A Project’ but is quickly becoming a staple need for this listeners ears.  Looking forward to those up promised up and coming relaeases.

Ethos – Need For Mirrors

Finger snaps for snares in this deep deep down minimalist piece. Need for Mirrors raise a synth before dropping everything right down, maximum effect. For the dancefloor.

Self Portrait – Need for Mirrors

On the b-side Need for Mirrors brings the same vocal hints from Ethos through to another deep down piece. Self Portrait features form playful keys, which patter across and through the piece as it progressives through in an intelligent manner. Chilled summer vibes on this one.

Spirit – Life Goes On / 107 (BMTM)

Life Goes On
According to folks this has been for a while, if so I missed it. So it’s with much thanks again that I thank Blu Mar Ten for bringing me new music. Life Goes on is a nervous, frantic work, featuring a smasher of an acid bassline.  This track does uncontrollable things to my face!


107 creeps in with some sneaky drum patterns a bassline that takes it to the bottom. A spooky, sinister piece of dnb this is