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Alix Perez and Ivy Lab – Arkestra EP

Ivy Labs and Alix Perez have joined forces on this perfectly dreamy EP. With deep depths and steady, hypnotic, crunchy percussion, underpinning 3 of the soundscapes. The team intro different flavours on the fourth inclusion, Tell Dem and there’s some science to the final piece, No One Else. Yours for the price of 3.5 pints or 2 fancy cocktails http://www.criticalmusic.com/release/alix-perez-ivy-lab-arkestra-ep/


Ethereal layers and distant dreamy vocals wrap around a deep undercurrent of bass whilst raw crunchy percussion permeates through.

The Last Light (SOS pick)

Soul drenched depths are felt all over The Last Light. With some deep bass strings and light twinkles of organ play as dream inspired vocals grace through


More loving vocal work and sweet crunchy percussion. A steady bass melody steps through at ease to create a thoroughly laid back Ballard type piece. Bliss.

Tell Dem

The duo switch the soundscapes for Tell Dem. A big bad, furry bassline is accompanied by more tantalisingly raw snares and some trickster percussion.

No One Else

On the final piece it’s time for some crunchy finger click snares and a subtle, lowdown bouncy bassline. Alex Perez and Ivy Lab have achieved a contrast of energy and serenity which fosters inspiration.