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SoS – Feb 2017

Selections for February 2017. Blessed by new releases from SpectralSoul and the amazing Fade Away (EP), tracks form The Total Science – Turn Around EP on C.I.A and SCARS – Veiled Threats EP (Dispatch). Personal fanboy picks from the new Lenzman EP – Earth Tones and the new ‘I Will’ EP from DRS on Soul:r are present. There’s also a few picks from the Dispatch 💯 release and new (ish) LP’s from Mr Joseph and Naibu.  A steady build in the mix for this one, soul upfront and danger for dessert 🍨


Mr Joesph – Intro (Inner Haze LP)

Lenzman feat. IAMDDB – In my Mind (Reprise)

Sense MC – Tomorrow

Naibu – Les Soirees

Total Science – Turn Around

The Vanguard Project – Spirals

Mr Joesph – Last Train Home (Feat Katie White)

Total Science and Riya – Walk the same lines (Calibre Remix)

Break – Headway

DRS fear Calibre – This ain’t love

Lenzman and Steo – Walk on by

SpectralSoul – Second Chance

Need for Mirrors and Phil Tangent – Residue

Blumarten feat Robert Manos – Keep it Together

Marcus Intalex – Stark

Mutt – Dublites (Dbridge Remix)

Serum, Paul T and Edward Oberon – Take my breath away

Spectrasoul – Fade Away

SCAR – Waves

DLR – Wasting Time

Mr Joesph – Same Mistakes feat Andy Scopes

Lenzman and Jubei – Park Hill


For the Ride – Two unmissable DnB Mixes (Rowpieces for Fokuz + Patife for SunandBass)

These two mixes have been accompanying me all hours of the day for the past two months so consistently that I have to give them a shout.  The Rowpieces mix for Fokuz Recordings inspired me to get my ear on his recent release Paradigm Shift and get the entire back catalogue.  Kaspers brief intro is solid as fuck with some wonderful piece on Digtial Blus, Cosmology – City of Lights ft. Ella Sopp.

The mix for the SunandBass podcast from Patife is still pushing my buttons, packed with, such a sweet, fucked up soul vibe throughout.  Should accompany you everywhere.