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SoS – Feb 2017

Selections for February 2017. Blessed by new releases from SpectralSoul and the amazing Fade Away (EP), tracks form The Total Science – Turn Around EP on C.I.A and SCARS – Veiled Threats EP (Dispatch). Personal fanboy picks from the new Lenzman EP – Earth Tones and the new ‘I Will’ EP from DRS on Soul:r are present. There’s also a few picks from the Dispatch 💯 release and new (ish) LP’s from Mr Joseph and Naibu.  A steady build in the mix for this one, soul upfront and danger for dessert 🍨


Mr Joesph – Intro (Inner Haze LP)

Lenzman feat. IAMDDB – In my Mind (Reprise)

Sense MC – Tomorrow

Naibu – Les Soirees

Total Science – Turn Around

The Vanguard Project – Spirals

Mr Joesph – Last Train Home (Feat Katie White)

Total Science and Riya – Walk the same lines (Calibre Remix)

Break – Headway

DRS fear Calibre – This ain’t love

Lenzman and Steo – Walk on by

SpectralSoul – Second Chance

Need for Mirrors and Phil Tangent – Residue

Blumarten feat Robert Manos – Keep it Together

Marcus Intalex – Stark

Mutt – Dublites (Dbridge Remix)

Serum, Paul T and Edward Oberon – Take my breath away

Spectrasoul – Fade Away

SCAR – Waves

DLR – Wasting Time

Mr Joesph – Same Mistakes feat Andy Scopes

Lenzman and Jubei – Park Hill


SoS – Mixitup2016 entry –

I thought it was nicely poetic that my selection entry to the 2016 mix should be opened up with a (very loose) Panda reference and one of my instant likes from Conducts new LP – Borderlands, Grand Panjadrum on BMTM. Panja almost sounds like Panda, right?

Conducts – Panjadrum is a wonderfully haunting yet uplifting piece, released as part of the duos Borderlands LP, on BMTM ( Guitars play over a BIG lazy kick drum which takes its time through.  Yes, I did get teary to this, first time.  Moving on and the head nod to BMTM continues with the Mellow soundscape and solid beats of Blu Mar Ten – 5 Summers followed by Frederic Robinsons take on Keenos – Nocturne.

With the scene set its time for some jazzy rollers from Roy Green and Protones – Freshy > Serem – Goldilocks > Macca & Los Contreras – Love and Skeletone – Make it Move. There’s some romance for sure in that pacy little furore, followed up by a truly great new relese form The Vanguard Project – Want You Back and the Jazz rusher from Paul Su – This is Jazz.

Here, the mix selection transitions for some deepness. Leading the charge is Alix Perez – Maiden, with some loving vocal work and sweet crunchy percussion. A steady bass melody steps through at ease to create a thoroughly laid back Ballard type piece. The pace and vibe is brought back further with Oaks – Untitled 09 and into the dark business that is the collab between Ailx Perez and Skeptical – Elephant Dreams.  The deep intensity continues through Aldred – Just a Moment into the thoroughly deep piece from Philth – Earth.  Earth is full of wistful emotion, with a strong element of mournfulness, captured in the synth melody and slow rise and fall of orchestral notes.

A short uplift on Logistics – Okiwa is proceeded by another Alix Perez track – Recall and Reflect, a deeply sexy piece in his EP of the same name for Exit Records. The soundscape is then blessed with the wonderfully dub drenched collab form Digital, Audio Habitat & Mad Vibes – Maintain and through into G.H.O.S.T’s rugged beat driven piece – One.

At the end now and Frederic Robinson returns to give Royalstons – Jungle Gone Down his trademark treatment before the mix ends on the uplifting spiritualism of The Vanguard Projects – All that I Need (feat Pat Fuggoni)

SoS – June 2016

June in the UK! Quite some heartbreak probably impacted this selection. It all kicks off positive though. The playful xylophone of Artificial Intelligences – Rizon lifts spirits before the brooding tone of the mix begins. I recently went on a G.H.O.S.T shopping spree so expect this to be present. More ‘look back’ actions meant that I had a glimpse into Alix Perez’s back catalogue and found myself collecting some missed Exit Records.

After this first 10 mins we find ourselves in the midst of a sublime Calibre piece – Under Bars . The warm bassline and light piano of this piece leads nicely into the deep minimalist textures of Pennygiles – Lie Through Me before the mix lifts into a triad of jazz rollers from The Vanguard Project, Big Bud and Rowpieces.

Following the Rowpieces we sink down nicely into Alix Perez – Recall and Reflect a deeply sexy piece in his EP of the same name for Exit Records. This moves into G.H.O.S.T – Viracohca. Meditative at its core yet with the occasional restrained burst, Viracohca lifts and grounds simultaneously. Up next Bop works through his style on an emotive remix of The Erised – Pray, amplifying some pure romance whilst keeping the overall vibes restrained and mature.

Following that dreamy immersion it’s time to level it all out with some real vibes. Facing Jinx – Drifting I’m not afraid to say, had me in bits when I first heard it. Sorrowful strings weave through and draw into Formiks wistful vocals whilst a steady, full bodied snare is underpinned by a deep rounded bassline. This piece is then moved through into this singles B-side – Back to the Start. Another thoughtful piece requiring your meditation.

Another piece from the excellent Exit Records EP from Alix Perez – Recall and Reflect EP (Losing You) is followed by the Ivy Lab remix of Sleazy Bitch as the mix moves into its final throws. Rushing into a refix of the naughty raw-edged roller from Voltage and Nicky Blackmarkets – Courvoisier Crank and into DLR’s Jungle refix of Q Projects – Champion Sound before finalising the journey with Richie Brains – Voyage, full of old school gestures and stamped with the Exit Records quality mark.


SoS – June 2016 (Ivy Lab, Nicky Blackmarket, DLR, Q Project, Richie Brains)

Random Movement – Sleazy Bitch (Ivy Lab Remix) –

The originally deep, sleazy roller from Random Movement gets the Ivy Lab treatment. This track has also had a Lenzman remix. All three versions sublime.

Voltage – Courvoisier Crank (Nicky Blackmarket Remix) –

I was late to this one. A naughty little roller with a raw edge, cranked up by the Nicky Blackmarket.

Q Project – Champion Sound (DLR 2016 Jungle Refix) –

This refix is a lovingly crafted headnod to the original classic. Brilliant vibes.

Voyage – Richie Brains –

From the Exit Records – Who is Richie Brains LP. This piece is full of old school gestures and stamped with the Exit quality mark

Full mix here >

Signals of Sound Nov 2015

The November mix started up off pretty dark but the Soul/Jazz makes a heavy return at the end. Enjoy.

Kicking off with Kimyan Laws variation for Diaymo and moving into Digitals – A Message. Both these tracks are wonderfully challenging. A Message needs some concentrated listening just to feel all the hidden pieces, a great piece. This is followed by some new pieces from Blu Mar Ten, Royalston and Riya, the latter two from these two artists cracking new albums. Philith is particularly welcome for bringing that disgusting vibe on Fall Apart.

The mood switches at this point and smooth-ens with a BMTM b-side from Spirit and a return to the past with a smooth ride form one part of Roni Sizes Reprazent – DJ Suv. At this point the groove is laid out across tracks from Cutworks, Saxxon, Zero T, Need for Mirrors, Krot, Rizla, Tokyo Prose and that wonderful sunshine piece from Bailey – Sugar.

Kimyan Law – Diaymo VIP
Digital – A Message
SAAL – Signs (Blu Mar Ten Remix)
Royalston – The Warth of Mr Sparkes
Riya and Philth – Fall Apart
Spirit – 107
DJ Suv – Lost Angel
Cutworks – Soulroot
Saxxon – The Only One Feat. Jon Scott
Zero T and Need for Mirrors – Top Shelf feat Spikey Tee
Fizzing fish – Shzirikens Groove
Krot, Rizla – My Only One Feat Meduza
Tokyo Prose – Tell Me
Bailey – Sugar
Looking In (Feat ED:IT) – Without Worry
Dave Owen – Red Sky at Night
Roy Green and Protone – Renaissance
BCEE – Breath In

Signals of Sound – June 2015 (SoS)

Moving into year number two for the Signals of Sound DnB Mixcast. 14 Mixes later and one name change (RiP – sub-bassmusic – 6yrs) and there’ll be plenty more.

Thanks to those that have listened. Very special thanks to BluMarTen Music and Utah Jazz for playing an active role in this series so far, especially for the consistently good promos. More thanks to Riya for Tweets and inspiration, Fanu and Long Live Beautifully crafted Jungle for extra perspectives and the BearFam for letting me represent. Will Temple for Beer and rants. 😉 xxx

BluMarTen Music

Utah Jazz

For the June Drum and Bass mix I’ve veered toward a deeper soulful sound. Let’s put this down to the UK finally heading into some nice weather. That said there is the ever present lurch into a darker sound, thanks to a sudden urge to include Ray Keith’s – Dark Soldier. As usual, there’s the sprinkling of old, dusted off, pieces and fresh pieces that have passed through my ears in recent weeks.

Image thanks to BluMarTen –
For the June Drum and Bass mix there’s a veering toward a deeper soulful sound as the UK heads into some nice whether the sunshine has clearly seaped through.  That said there is the ever present lurch into the darker side, thanks to a sudden urge to include Ray Keith’s – Dark Soldier.  As usual, there’s the sprinkling of old, dusted off plastic and fresh pieces that have passed through my ears in recent weeks. – Image thanks to BluMarTen –

The Truth – Sunchase

Title track of the Sunchase EP – The Truth awakens with a slowly building synth, filled with positive vibes and promise. A feel good piece which still manages to maintain a deep level of sophistication. What better way to open the summer for us here in the northern hemisphere. Time to wake up and brush those cobwebs away before things heat up.

Frozen – Stray

This little Drumstep piece is full of feel good emotion, an almost Daft Punk style guitar and some impeccable production from Stray. This was released on New Blood 012 and is well worth grabbing if only for it’s flawless ability to put a smile on the face.

BluMarTen – Thin Air (Kid Drama Remix)

For those that know the original Thin Air is a wonderfully layered piece with a sublime vocal.  Kid Drama’s take stays true to the layers and breaks the beats up, whilst weaving some tempo trickery over the original vocals.  The outcome is almost a different track entirely, proving some excellent remix skills.  Despite this the true message of Thin Air remains as Kid Drama escalates the encompassing layers and bassline throughout.  This is a submissive experience.

Garden – TEED (Calibre remix)

Picking up the tempo now as the mix moves into the warming sounds of Calibres Garden remix. Gardens is stripped down to core parts of the best quality sounds. Much like Italian cooking is to the mouth, Calibres remix is a pure comfort to the ears.

G-String – Code 3

Some more deep refined drum and bass is up next.   Code 3 maintains a pure groove, with subtle additions here and there adding dimensions but with G-String it’s all about the warm treacly sub-bass line.

Sleazy Bitch – Random Movement

There’s something addictive about this pieces vocal and the subtle synth and bassline work well to create a cheeky little roller.

Polychromatic – Actralser

Some wonderful 90’s sounds on this deep thrashing Jungle piece. Polychromatic has a cinematic quality brimming with the kind of drum work threating to break from its aural shackles. This is all finished off nicely with the occasional inspired hoover.

Time Stands Still – Actralser

Another stormer from Actralser. Time Stands still is heavy on with the 90’s sound,, layering up nicely, engulfing the listener.

Leaving it all – Qumulus

A jazzy ahem roller with a deep grounding, featuring some classy brass work and a mystical vibe from an instrument I can’t identify   Leaving it all also has a strong message, adding a poetic quality to the piece. This has grown on me strong and for a reason I’m not aware of, I long for the energy injection mid-way through.

A rock a river a tree…

Dark Soldier VIP – Ray Reith

Ray Keith smashed the art of subtle production on Dark Soldier. This piece packs a mighty punch on the bassline level which is the stable of the track. To the discerning listener through the drum work might be the most significant player, although subtle it adds much to the timeless quality of this historic DnB piece

Midnight Run – Lynx

A Deep rolling bassline is the order of the day for Midnight Run a funky little number with snappy snares.

Empyreal – DLR feat. Hydro

Empyreal is dominated by a deep twisting bassline which is constantly fighting to escape whilst light wistful piano keys tinker over it.

House of Cards

House of Cards cranks up the energy slighty. Synth melodies wash over the finger snapping percussion and a brutal but restraited constant bassline

Exile – Only If

From a Moving Shadow white label, kicked up in 2003. I snapped up as many of these as I could in my youth. Only if is unlike most of the other tracks on the EP, a jazzy roller featuring a great bit of cowbell percussion, some improvised sax and a nice little jazz man loop.

Quincy – Utah Jazz

A Utah Jazz classic (and up for free download >>>   ). Quincy is a fiery piece of Jazzy Drum and Bass, packed full of energy on the break, featuring a playful organ sound and a bassline that warps it all up perfectly

Words feat Audio Angel – Bachelors of Science

This blitz of a track, begs to be danced to. Some wonderfully restrained vocal pitch shifting and a ripper of bassline.





SoS – May Shouts 2 (Survival, Microfunk Crew, Marso & Gala, Traid)

This, the second snippet from the SoS May Mixcast features tracks from the start of the mix.  Lots of layers and glitch beats here from Dispatch Records, Medschool, BMT Music and a special little track from the SunandBass 10 years album for all those going there this year and for all those that have known and will know in the future.

Survival – In Two Minds (feat. Christina Nicola)

The first track on Survival – Unreleased album (DISUSB001) USB. A laid back whimsical groove.  Christina’s vocals play the main role in this piece whilst a light clap beat peppers a warm bassline.

Microfunk Crew – Alarm Clock

Some strong synth layering washes over this chilled piece, whilst glitchy beats patter through a constant metronome pulse. Purchase – on New Blood 014 / Med School

Marso & Gala – Promise

This recent release from BMT music brings the sound of new Russian duo Marso & Gala into the mix.  A glitched beat piece, Promise layers up strongly with light synths, soft bells and mysterious vocals.  All underpinned by a deep, driving bassline. Purchase –

Traid – Catharsis

Traid has created a deep intelligent piece, featuring a fresh (purified) sounding bassline suitable to the tracks title. Anyone who has been to Sun and Bass will know that it’s an exercise in Catharsis

Catharsis – Purification and purgation of emotions—through art or any extreme change in emotion that results in renewal and restoration.

From the sunandbass compilation album (Purchase – ) Triad