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THE REMIXES – Lenzman – Looking to the Stars (dBridge, Ivy Lab, LSB, Submorphics, Ulterior Motive, Zero T)

The Metalheadz release of the Lenzman – Looking at the Stars remix EP has received so much praise that I’d be a fool not to have a nice sit down, listen, write and no doubt a little desktop boogie.

Lenzman – Paper Faces (feat Martyna Baker) / Ivy Lab Remix

Those that listen to the SoS mixcast series may have noticed my special connection to the original so it will come as no surprise that my heart almost exploded at knowing about an Ivy Lab Remix of it. The Lab did not disappoint and provided my ears with a delicious switch to the original. All the original parts are elevated and tweaked to Ivy Lab standard. Deciding to switch away from the full vocal this remix highlights new parts and features a beautiful like dull metal tom element on the break. Deep, Deep, Deep and that snare rattle in all its subtlety has a raw earthy element to it.

Lenzman – Move and Focus (Feat Dan Stezo) / Submorphics Remix

A personal favourite from the original album. Submorphics brings his sublime soul vibe to the piece to create a strolling beat line, which has this heading swaying. Dan Stezo’s lyricism remains intact, thankfully as Submorphics pieces together string and synth, underpinned by a low persistent low end, punctuated by subtle low squelch basslines

Lenzman – My Tearz / Ulterior Motive Remix

Ulterior Motive twists the original on its head with some rough snares and floor ruining bassline. Of cause it’s hard to fault these boys at the moment and this remix is no exception to their current form. Wait for the second drop on this, it’s a fucking belter!!!

Had to drop this in a Periscope session recently see here…

A video posted by Ben Saunders (@ben_sos) on Aug 14, 2015 at 2:45pm PDT

Just Can’t Take (feat DRS) / dBridge Remix

Lenzman gets the dBridge treatment. Brought down low, stripped and retextured with a raw snare and deadly bassline dBridge pays homage to the DRS vocals to fall effect. An effortless lesson in keeping the vibe at its bones.  If you fancy the Dub version the Metalheadz have thrown that into the release also.

Lenzman – Starz (feat Kevin King) / LSB Remix

One of my favourite of the EP to be honest. LSB may have pipped the original to the post here. The vocal remains and is possibly heightened further, I can’t but “sing” (or more realistically, mime to) on this version. Piano drenches a tried and tested LSB drum work nirvana underpinned by an enveloping bassline. This joint here, is a shut your eyes and drift into a deep dream territory.

Lenzman – Lazy Dub / Zero T Remix

Zero T ups the immersive layer elements of this classy little Lenzman man number, wrapping the listener up in a deep soulful blanket whilst simultaneously rocking a rugged snare line, deep dub still bassline and keeping true to the classy little bongo percussion of the original.