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Rico Tubbs & AMPR – Big Bad Tune / Red Sun [Bass=Win]

Quite a tasty handful of tracks and remixes on this little package.  Whether you be up for the brutalisation which is Big Bad Tune and its classy Matt Craig remix or the sounds of Red Sun, on a DnB / Garage tip. Buy >

Rico Tubbs & AMPR – Big Bad Tune

Strong UK G flavour on this one, with a tech bassline that holds little back – screw face time. If you fancy a more restrained taste of this beast then ease into Matt Craigs Remix.  Although still rough and ready for the dancefloor the remix drives in with a thick treacly bassline and ever so slightly deep feels.

Rico Tubbs & AMPR – Red Sun (Teknian & ZeroZero Remix)

Teknian and ZeroZero roll in on the Drum and Bass remix for Red Sun. High treble piano keys make their play, tipping hats off to an older sound before pulling in for a thrilling percussive ride.  This is all lovingly underpinned by a healthy slab of growling bass.

Rico Tubbs & AMPR – Red Sun (1point5 Remix)

A drop in tempo from the Teknian & ZeroZero Remix, 1point5 stick get guttural on this remix. Still plastered with rave vibes 1point5 have lashed the soundscape with some classic percussion and a cheeky little bassline.

Himalia – Distances Remixed [Pegdoll Records]

In December 2015 the Distances LP from Himalia got the rework treatment here’s the run down. Some serene remixes for a gorgeously chilled, deep LP. There’s many to like of cause and below I’ve picked a few. BUY > Bandcamp –

Himalia – Distances (Despicable Youth Remix)
Deep rolling serenity here. The Despicable Youth have worked nicely on the vocals and thrown in a big warm bassline that’ll get the vibes ticking for sure.

Himalia – Kingdom Ft. Sakima (Barefoot Remix)
Future Garage feels, on this remix, a delicious snare and some intoxicating layers with some subtle, crisp, crunchy percussive elements.

Himalia – Falling (Sieren Remix)
Sieren gives Falling the Future G treatment. Muffled piano keys ride the rythum of this sky reaching composition.

Himalia – Falling (Type 2 & Soligen Remix)
Type 2 and Soligen blitz into their reworking of Falling with snap snare work before unleashing with a deep sinister bassline which submerses the soundscape. Deep Drum and Bass tastes ;-).

Himalia – Thought So (BRTN Remix)
For BRTN’s remix of Thought So we have more of a Garage vibe than the two other Future pieces on this selection. Deep and thoughtful, dominated by the breaks and with a minimalist feel, which might even be suited paired up with some nice Techno. If you’re feelin the Techno aurals, then this remix is for you.

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