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Signals of Sound – June 2015 (SoS)

Moving into year number two for the Signals of Sound DnB Mixcast. 14 Mixes later and one name change (RiP – sub-bassmusic – 6yrs) and there’ll be plenty more.

Thanks to those that have listened. Very special thanks to BluMarTen Music and Utah Jazz for playing an active role in this series so far, especially for the consistently good promos. More thanks to Riya for Tweets and inspiration, Fanu and Long Live Beautifully crafted Jungle for extra perspectives and the BearFam for letting me represent. Will Temple for Beer and rants. 😉 xxx

BluMarTen Music

Utah Jazz

For the June Drum and Bass mix I’ve veered toward a deeper soulful sound. Let’s put this down to the UK finally heading into some nice weather. That said there is the ever present lurch into a darker sound, thanks to a sudden urge to include Ray Keith’s – Dark Soldier. As usual, there’s the sprinkling of old, dusted off, pieces and fresh pieces that have passed through my ears in recent weeks.

Image thanks to BluMarTen –
For the June Drum and Bass mix there’s a veering toward a deeper soulful sound as the UK heads into some nice whether the sunshine has clearly seaped through.  That said there is the ever present lurch into the darker side, thanks to a sudden urge to include Ray Keith’s – Dark Soldier.  As usual, there’s the sprinkling of old, dusted off plastic and fresh pieces that have passed through my ears in recent weeks. – Image thanks to BluMarTen –

The Truth – Sunchase

Title track of the Sunchase EP – The Truth awakens with a slowly building synth, filled with positive vibes and promise. A feel good piece which still manages to maintain a deep level of sophistication. What better way to open the summer for us here in the northern hemisphere. Time to wake up and brush those cobwebs away before things heat up.

Frozen – Stray

This little Drumstep piece is full of feel good emotion, an almost Daft Punk style guitar and some impeccable production from Stray. This was released on New Blood 012 and is well worth grabbing if only for it’s flawless ability to put a smile on the face.

BluMarTen – Thin Air (Kid Drama Remix)

For those that know the original Thin Air is a wonderfully layered piece with a sublime vocal.  Kid Drama’s take stays true to the layers and breaks the beats up, whilst weaving some tempo trickery over the original vocals.  The outcome is almost a different track entirely, proving some excellent remix skills.  Despite this the true message of Thin Air remains as Kid Drama escalates the encompassing layers and bassline throughout.  This is a submissive experience.

Garden – TEED (Calibre remix)

Picking up the tempo now as the mix moves into the warming sounds of Calibres Garden remix. Gardens is stripped down to core parts of the best quality sounds. Much like Italian cooking is to the mouth, Calibres remix is a pure comfort to the ears.

G-String – Code 3

Some more deep refined drum and bass is up next.   Code 3 maintains a pure groove, with subtle additions here and there adding dimensions but with G-String it’s all about the warm treacly sub-bass line.

Sleazy Bitch – Random Movement

There’s something addictive about this pieces vocal and the subtle synth and bassline work well to create a cheeky little roller.

Polychromatic – Actralser

Some wonderful 90’s sounds on this deep thrashing Jungle piece. Polychromatic has a cinematic quality brimming with the kind of drum work threating to break from its aural shackles. This is all finished off nicely with the occasional inspired hoover.

Time Stands Still – Actralser

Another stormer from Actralser. Time Stands still is heavy on with the 90’s sound,, layering up nicely, engulfing the listener.

Leaving it all – Qumulus

A jazzy ahem roller with a deep grounding, featuring some classy brass work and a mystical vibe from an instrument I can’t identify   Leaving it all also has a strong message, adding a poetic quality to the piece. This has grown on me strong and for a reason I’m not aware of, I long for the energy injection mid-way through.

A rock a river a tree…

Dark Soldier VIP – Ray Reith

Ray Keith smashed the art of subtle production on Dark Soldier. This piece packs a mighty punch on the bassline level which is the stable of the track. To the discerning listener through the drum work might be the most significant player, although subtle it adds much to the timeless quality of this historic DnB piece

Midnight Run – Lynx

A Deep rolling bassline is the order of the day for Midnight Run a funky little number with snappy snares.

Empyreal – DLR feat. Hydro

Empyreal is dominated by a deep twisting bassline which is constantly fighting to escape whilst light wistful piano keys tinker over it.

House of Cards

House of Cards cranks up the energy slighty. Synth melodies wash over the finger snapping percussion and a brutal but restraited constant bassline

Exile – Only If

From a Moving Shadow white label, kicked up in 2003. I snapped up as many of these as I could in my youth. Only if is unlike most of the other tracks on the EP, a jazzy roller featuring a great bit of cowbell percussion, some improvised sax and a nice little jazz man loop.

Quincy – Utah Jazz

A Utah Jazz classic (and up for free download >>>   ). Quincy is a fiery piece of Jazzy Drum and Bass, packed full of energy on the break, featuring a playful organ sound and a bassline that warps it all up perfectly

Words feat Audio Angel – Bachelors of Science

This blitz of a track, begs to be danced to. Some wonderfully restrained vocal pitch shifting and a ripper of bassline.