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Conduct – Meraki / Borderlands (BMTM)

I’ve been anticipating this BMTM release for a while following the Conduct remix of Blu Mar Ten – Hunter. Both pieces are thoughtful pieces from a darker side with creative percussion at the core. BUY >

Meraki opens with some beautiful solemn strings before breaking into some frantic wooden shot snares accompanied by percussion which echoes and reverbs around as if in a vast open space on.
Borderlands, packed full of menacingly twisted hoover bass, knocking around sinister vibes as some strong percussion ricochets throughout the soundscape


Follow Conduct:

Nausika – Dominion / Echoes (BMTM – 033)

Following their LP release on Teebee’s imprint, Subtitles, Nausika bring their brooding minimal sound to
BluMarTen Music.

Dominion really has that special something. A dark, stripped back piece with creeping wooden percussive elements and a deep underpinning bassline. Dominion escalates progressively as a haunting vocal begs never to be held down. Perfect for a little breakdown and lots of subtle variation to pick the ears up.

The B-side sticks to the dark theme. Echos has more of a roll to it than Dominion yet the lashings of vocal echo the vocal presents a sinister aural experience.

Kimyan Law – Daimyo VIP / Lavish / Chai (BMTM)

Lavish is a sublime, subtle piece where the constant flirtation between bassline and top layer is a dominant factor.  If you could call a sound cute, well then there are plenty here.

Diaymano was one of the most experimental peaches from the album in terms of drum work. Kimyan Law takes it a step further as he lays into the VIP. Nice

Kimyan takes his sound slowly on Chai. Peppered with far eastern vibes mixed in with orchestral and choral this is a treasure trove of a dub.