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Aquasky – Shadow Era EP.1 (Blessed sounds from the days of Moving Shadow)

The first of a two part journey into the early Aquasky sound, pure blessings at ever turn. Purchase >

Aquasky – Images

Jazzy vibes awash this deep soundscape, with a pure sub-bassline and some gorgeous drum and chopper percussion hits. Stay tuned to the second part of this piece for some pure lift.

Art of Noise – Crusoe (Aquasky Remix)

Enter a crisp choppy rhythm into a hypnotic jazz soaked vibe. With light layers and melocholy samples this Aquasky Remix will spin you into a meditative state.

Aquasky – Kuana

Some classic Aquasky sounds are present here. A playful key line accompanied by a laid back organ ride.  Kuana is laiden with soul funk influence, cheeky percussion and a thick treacly bassline.

Aquasky – Moondance (Top Pick)

Plenty of old school feeling in this piece and a low, low down bassline. Sit back and let the soothing sax synth, gently engulf those senses.

Omni Trio – Who Are You (Aquasky Remix)

I’m guilty of being biased here. This was one of my early favourites, making me who I am today. A sublime bassline and angelic layers, all accompanied by some hypnotic xylophone pepper this old classic.

Aquasky – Shadow Era pt2 (Emmersive soundscapes and deep basslines from the times of Moving Shadow)

Aquasky share tracks from their early years during the Moving Shadow era.  So many hypnotic feels on this.  Although the Krust remix at the top was excellent, Jazz Bell wins it for that bassline and overall funked up sublime feel. >>> Buy

Aquasky – Dezires (DJ Krust Remix)

The DJ Krust Remix of desire sets into deep gentle percussive ride. A testimony to the early sound, featuring wrapping layers, which immerse the individual into a dreamlike soundscape.

Sneaker Pimps – Tesko Suicide (Aquasky Remix)

The Aquasky remix of Tesko Suicide weaves in with lush layers and modular synth drops which bend a hypnotic groove. When the breaks take over a steady scaled key melody is underpinned by nice warm bass slabs which are later overflown with a melancholy simulated accordion synth.

Larcany – Who Are You (Aquasky Remix)

Some, sweet, crisp and snappy drum work on the remix here all worked strongly underneath by a funky sub low bassline.

Plane Invaders – Aquasky (Top Pick)

Warm synths and playful rising key patterns intro Plane Invaders. As the progressive drum patterns roll into the fray a blessed sub bass line enters to submerse the listener. Some nice wooden percussion patters over the higher levels of Plane Invaders adding to the intrigue.

Force Of Nature – Jazz Bell (Aquasky Remix)

The Aquasky remix of Jazz Bell takes the listener down with a deep dominant bassline whilst percussive work is raw on the snare and hi-hat space as synth layers wash over. Throughout the use of effect to the consistent messaging sample.

Aquasky – Orange Dust

Amen inspired drumwork from the outset of Orange Dust sets an old school vibe before the release of an intoxicated synth pattern and some signature Aquasky bass slabs. Aquasky open and close the gate on the hypnotic pattern whilst splicing in light glass tones.