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Trevor Ransom – Glimpses EP (Uncertainty and hope in equal measure)

Trevor Ransom – Glimpses EP due for Release 30th October (Trevors Soundcloud). Trevor Ransom’s uses hypnotic piano layers as he experiments with sub low, distant kicks and raw snares to create entrancing soundscapes. There are varied moods across the EP, packed with uncertainty and hope in equal measure. Buy here >>>

Here’s a little sampler mix I put together

Here’s the official playlist

Out of Focus in the Forest
A looming uncertainty haunts Out of Focus in the Forest, as gentle piano weaves steadily through. Undulating synth creeps in before releasing with a strong cold wave only to shrink back before deep kicks and distorted snares enter, as layers seek to build again. The soundscape truly paints a picture of snow covered pine.

If You Had Want To
Hollow throbs overlay the distant sounds of voices at work. Deep kicks and light metal percussion under pin this ominous piece.

There’s a resigned, relinquishing quality about Cathedrals opening, leading into a soft vocal, splattered with reverbed synth play.

Rags (Top Pick)
Rapid Keys and looped guitar hypnotizes, as distant percussion and deep sub level snares gently stroll through this beautifully emotive piece.

A mournful piano melody passes over muffled kicks and marching snares whilst a harp like string layer rises over into a crescendo of hope blessed sound.

Modular synth pattern scatter across the soundscape of Incandescent, accompanied by string toned keys. A sense of hope rises through Incandescent as Trevor Ransom builds synth before embarking on an intelligent percussion ride and dropping into intimate vocals to accompany to the close.