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Technique 2015 Drum & Bass Annual

Technique end the year with the obligatory track roundup and there’s a broad spectrum of their sound to get your ears. There’s a few that ring will with me, especially the Document One offerings, which should be up for the nab ASAP.  That’s just me through and there’ll be something for all, easy.  So get locked on and celebrate Techniques 2015

The ones

Document One – Jazz Club

Jazz Club kicks off lightly with subtle jazz double bass work and a wooden snare before unleashing a thick wet, twisting bassline. A welcome contrast of sounds.

Drumsound & Bassline Smith – I Need Somebody

A bit piece for the duo in 2015. Wrapped up in layers and injected Drumsound & Bassline Smith energy with a sprinkling of tinkering keys and a deliciously rave reminiscent vocal.

Spectrem – Say Goodbye

A delicious little synth pattern and driving liquid percussion on this piece.

Tantrum Desire – Pump

Tantrum Desire kranks it up on cue before dropping and chopping up the breaks with a half time feel, sublimely. There’s still lashings of synth and hyped up energy and the vocal sample has me harking back to all those school discos enjoyed in guilty fashion.

Document One – Follow Me (Top Pick)

The lighter sides of the LP, Document One, yet again, brings forth a tasty sound. Clear twisting bassline wraps around the clarity of percussion.

Tantrum Desire & Matrix & Futurebound – Shadows

Sound tasty bassline play on the break from these two, streamed over by some classic noughties synth and an electronic scatter pattern, not unlike a slap bass makes for a surprisingly welcome feel to the ears.

2DB – Quaalude

This synth line and that big ripping bassline all make for good, extravagant times on the floor.

SoS Mixcast – Dec 2015

The December Signals of Sound Mixcast is an extension of a small mix I originally compiled in dedication to a particular Sunday morning in December.

Two pieces from the new Akuratyde EP feature in this initial, mellower, first section. These two new pieces are joined by Bop and Else’s recent collaboration, Lucid Dreaming. Other tracks in this initial foray have been around for some time but I complemented the mood well. With Etherwoods new LP – Blue Leaves, released recently and form my perspective, certainly representing a shift in the Med School students style, I wanted to bring forth an example of sound of his past work. Unfolding still holds strong with me, a serenely ethereal piece, combining light, playful keys with a wonderfully warm kick bassline.

Moving through from Frederic Robinsons playful 4 Melo and into the deep warmth on Rowpieces – An Intense Moment I’ve sought to up the pace…

Blu Mar Ten – Somewhere (feat. Agne Genyte)

Opening track from the Famous Lost Words LP, which everybody should own. To visualise this piece is to imagine Agne Genyte vocals floating as wind over the crystal clear waters of the soundscape. Gentle piano and sax melody grazes the surface, whlist a moresit open cymbal ride intermittently announces itself

London Electricity – Drop Ship

From his new album – Are we there yet, Tony Coleman aka London Elektricity blends meloncolic keys with a chunkly bassline and furious open light cymbals.

Turno – Roald Dahl

The deeper, restrained side of Turno was demonstrated on this one of four from the Badman Nah Beg Fren’ EP. This piece really has the edge thanks to some classy percussion elements and a deep rolling bassline.

Royalston – Shield Breaker

From the new LP – People On The Ground. Won’t normally shout out for this sound but the drive is strong on this one, just inspiring the primal movement in me.

DJ Sly feat Bassline – Quarter Pounder Bass (Serem Remix)

No holds barred dirty sub-bass roller. Just a joy to mix into and full of that primal energy brought through by the craft. Shivers.

Cause 4 Concern – Soul > Blokehe4d & Gridlock – Dumptruck

I went back in time at this point and pulled out on of the old Cause for Concern plastics. Souls fast pace bass flex. Still locked into the past we moved to Dumptruck another rapid repetition heavy piece, with some chunky bass lines and shameless energy.

dRamatic – Dogs on Redbull

Tempo Reconds dRamatic B-Side has an early locked down and serious dnb feel to it whilst still remaining essential for the party, which was pleasant.

Riya – I Never Knew feat. Villem & McLeod

From the recent sublimation LP, Never Knew is a smooth and gently wistful piece. From an album all must get their ears on.

Command Strange – Desire ft. Fats

A blissful joining of minds. Command Strange keeps it soulful and jazzy drenched whilst Fats laments about finding that rare someone 😉

FD – Ambra

From the debut EP from SunandBass Recordings, FD dedicates this piece to a club on the island of Sardina which is very important to the dnb community for one week a year in Sept. Distant gently piano is puncuted by an intermittent bassline rip on this atmospheric piece.

Madcap – Coming Your Way

A very special release. The beat opens wrapped in layers before breaking through on some hypnotic jump up bassline before becoming all wrapped up again. Goodtimes on this.

London Elektricity – Telefunken Lizard Filter

Another from the recent London Electricity LP – Are We There Yet. Sublime, Melodic piece, making full effect of Tony Steinway Piano and a wonderful closer to the album

And this mix 😉

Full Track listing

Akuratyde – Embrace
Furi Anga – Rainbows
Etherwood – Unfolding
Bop – Lucid Dreaming Ft. Else
Eraser – Inside
Akuratyde – Time Left Behind ft. Eusebeia
Lung – Open Palms ft. Phaeleh & Racheal K Collier
Frederic Robinson – 4 Melo
Rowpieces – An Intense Moment
Blu Mar Ten – Somewhere
London Elektricity – Drop Ship
Turno – Roald Dahl
Posij – Shieldbreaker
DJ Sly feat Bassline – Quarter Pounder Bass (Serem Remix)
Cause 4 Concern – Soul
Blokehe4d & Gridlock – Dumptruck
dRamatic – Dogs on Redbull
Riya – I Never Knew feat. Villem & McLeod
Command Strange – Desire ft. Fats
FD – Ambra
Madcap – Coming Your Way
London Elektricity – Telefunken Lizard Filter


Signals of Sound – May 2015 (SoS)


Ivy Lab – Make it Clear Feat. Frank Carter III & Lucy Annika

Make it Clear is a wonderfully deep and soulful piece of Drum and Bass.  The combination of Frank and Lucy’s vocals drawing the listener into the vibe.  Always keep an eye out for Ivy Lab piece.

Sunchase and Blumarten – Kolo

Kolo is the product of a pleasant combination between to serious outfits.  A thoughtful piece, Kolo features sounds from both, a light crisp snare and some pattering drum work is accompanied by a pleasant Blu Mar Ten Bassline (just a guess).  For me it’s the shy snyth patterns and signals that make this track.

Survival – In Two Minds (feat. Christina Nicola)

The first track on Survival – Unreleased album (DISUSB001) USB. A laid back whimsical groove. Christina’s delicate vocals play the main role in this piece whilst a light clap beat peppers a warm bassline.

Microfunk Crew – Alarm Clock

Some strong synth layering washes over this chilled piece, whilst glitchy beats patter through a constant metronome pulse. Purchase – on New Blood 014 / Med School

Marso & Gala – Promise

This recent release from BMT music brings the sound of new Russian duo Marso & Gala into the mix.  A glitched beat piece, Promise layers up strongly with light synths, soft bells and mysterious vocals.  All underpinned by a deep, driving bassline. Purchase –

Traid – Catharsis

Traid has created a deep intelligent piece, featuring a fresh (purified) sounding bassline suitable to the tracks title. Anyone who has been to Sun and Bass will know that it’s an exercise in Catharsis

Catharsis – Purification and purgation of emotions—through art or any extreme change in emotion that results in renewal and restoration.

From the sunandbass compilation album (Purchase – ) Triad

Miguel Ayala – The Punisher

Dug this out of the dusty stack.  The Punisher features on the xxx Album from .  Love the deep, raw nature of this little roller and there’s more than a hint of funk in that bassline.  Introed with piano keys before switching real low and adding some nice growl to the sub-bass.  Really love the metallic snares on this piece.

Ivy Lab & Hydro / Make it Clear Sunchase and Blu Mar Ten / Kolo Survival / In Two Minds (feat. Christina Nicola) MicroFunck Crew / Alarm Clock Marso and Gaia / Promise Traid / Catharsis Miguel Ayala / The Punisher Blu Mar Ten / Hunter (Conduct Remix) Mutated Forms / Crowlin Sunchase / Thing Digital / Maintain Paul SG & Tayla / Destination Unknown Utah Jazz / In The Mix Actraiser / Strange New Worlds S.P.Y / Stardust LTJ Bukem / Music (Technicolor 12″ Rework)

BluMarTen – Hunter  (Conduct remix)

This track features some of the original bad arseness of Hunter but is full of serene layers hits and a moreish sub-bass line, yum.  Despite this there’s a special edge to this remix, which never quite makes you feel safe.

Crowlin – Mutated Forms

One of the earlier releases for on the BMTM imprint, Crowlin has a quality which is hard to pin down.  The drum work is crisp and powerful whilst the bassline is constantly fighting to escape it’s confines, as if it could exist without the devices used to create it.

Sunchase – Thing (Hospital)

One of four exceptional pieces from the, Sunchase – Truths EP. Thing is a deep lowkey piece featuring some nice vocal pitch shifting creating a cheeky impish vibe

Digital, Audio Habitat & Mad Vibes – Maintain (Dispatch)

On the B side of Digitals – Red Alert release on Dispatch.  This collab has some wonderful low-fi work on this and a classic Dub drenched baseline meant this was a must have purchase – Dispatch are having a cracking time at the moment on their limited releases. Grab whilst you can.

Dispatch store (early vinyl with free wavs + free stickers / digital):

Paul SG & Tayla – Destination Unknown

From the Paul SG back catalogue.  Whilst investigating the recent Jazzassins work ‘The Chalet’ I did a bit of digging around in the Paul SG achieves.  Destination Unknown is a sublime little roller, pacey and hypnotic packed with jazz and soul hits.

Utah Jazz – In the Mix

Digging through the stack for a convenient move, it was clearly time for some Utah Jazz so on went this frantic roller from the early 2000’s.  Quite a strong bassline on this piece deserves more airtime 😉

Actraiser / Strange New Worlds

Moved into amen break territory with this one.  XXX packs a punch on all levels, ricocheting snares rush through dreamy layers all under pinned by a persistent rumble of a bassline

S.P.Y – Stardust

From the Back to Basics double album, Stardusts orchestral movements and drum work pull all the right strings, helping to elevate the listener without the usual gratuitous tactics used in some of the drum and bass we hear today.  Movements like this on the dancefloor are always special.

Music – LTJ Bukem (Technicolor Rework)

A masterful reworking of LTJ Bukem’s classic.  Technicolor brings forth a mighty bassline for this respectful reworking.  It was starting to listen to Technicolor which brought me back into listening to DnB again after a hiatus between 2006 and 2011, for which I’m forever in dept.