Mixes of Merit – June 2016 – Artificial Intelligence, Silence Groove & Kasper, Philth and Intelligent Manners

There was a flood of mixes this month, probably accompanying the mirrored release of so many grab worthy slabs. These four come from across the globe with representation from America, England, Poland and Russia.

Artificial Intelligence- #DNB60 May 2016
Artificial Intelligence offered up the Metalheadz DNB60, which opens up sweet and gently before plunging into the a sublime ride through into powerful dark soul and body moving sounds.

Intelligent Manners – Night Grooves #143 (07062016)
It’s always worth checking in on the latest Night Groove cast. This one has plenty of intrigue through, making it stand out. A rushing journey with plenty of deep dark grooves but overall a good variation and quite a few that made me reach for my wallet.

Fokuz Recordings Podcast #28 – Silence Groove & Kasper
From Minnosota Kasper fills in the first 30 mins with a nice run through of what’s coming up on Fokuz there’s plenty of insight into the Fokuz recordings ‘Hateful Eighty LP’ and Random Movements ‘Goblin Jazz Banquet’ is a joy. The last 30 mins, Silence Groove takes us on a ride of what he’s serving up in Poland these days.

Philth – 15 Years of Dispatch Recordings Mix
Philth is on duties for the Dispatch 15 Years Mix. What we are left with is a lovingly put together tapestry of a, quality driven, labels lineage. With 55 tracks packed, somehow, into 1hr 30mins Philth has, skilfully matched tracks, effortlessly maintaining a flow, ensuring the listener is lost in the journey.

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