Philth – The Elements EP

Philth’s sets the scene with a deeply ethereal non percussive intro piece – Elements, before launching into the matter (50% matter) at hand. How to cover all the four elements? as we know them anyway 😉
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Earth – Featuring a thoroughly deep, grounded bassline and some steady, tapping, percussive elements. Earth is full of wistful emotion, with a strong element of mournfulness, which is captured in the synth melody and slow fall and rise of orchestral notes.

Air – Crisp, light snares ride through a warming, pattering bassline whilst Philth wraps layers of synth in light contrast to purvey an uplifting soundscape. This is a nice journey, as melodies and another elements are shifted and changed then brought through to tell a story of ever changing contrast. Very clearly like the Air.

Fire – Kicking off with a clockwork mechanism and a slow rising orchestral build. Fire moves ominously into some dirty percussion and a stretched, squelchy bassline. Dirty business.

Water feat Collette Warren – Ok! with Collette on the vocals it’s going to be nice and sultry but Philth rips it all up beautifully for a filthy, flowing yet rattily ride. Probably the best of the bunch.

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