SoS – No Script Sunday 06032016

It was all up and down this Sunday. Felt that I needed to get some more ears on London Electricity’s recent album but I apologies for the mushy opening track. I couldn’t resist more Makoto and Asides and took a learning to Riyas album, Sublimination throughout. There’s also a piece form Lenzmans new release on Metalheadz. AS we go through there’s a slow gently relax in pace at the end. Probably needed more coffee at that point.

Numa Crew – New Underground Massive Alliance Remixes Vol.1 [Liondub International]

Remixers Serum, Brian Brainstorm, Serial Killaz, Upgrade and Kenji bring some extra fire to the Numa Crews โ€“ Impossible and Kill the whole of Dem


On the into Serum brings the paintbrush, with that trademark drum pattern and deep rolling bassline to the soundscape for a proper floor tear up, wonderful. Brian Brainstrom rolls out a bassline strong and Sammy Nicks steams in with some dark grinding underpinnings for his remix.

For Impossible there are also to Dub soundscapes to bless the ears. The Numa Crew Dub lets the listener take in the arrangement of the original and Amp Outernational work in a dominant bassline, where the lyrics take a second positioning.

Kill the whole of Dem.
The remixes for this urgent monster also bring the fire. Seriel Killaz keep the Dancehall flavour and add some punch whilst ripping through with the occasional beast of a dark bad bassline. The Upgrade Renix is smsher of a jump up piece whilst Kenji brings it down with a deep bassline and nice little percussive touch.

DJ Vadim, Chyna Soulstar, Syross & Serocee also chip in from the Hip-Hop angle. Some strong kicks and a funky little Vadim piano bassline make this a sweet little addition this remix album.

Anile & Blu Mar Ten โ€“ Lyssakses (10 Years of MedSchool)

Time fast approaches for the 10 years of Med School Album (dropping 1st of April but pre order is open on this album, which you wonโ€™t regret splashing out the cost of 3 pints on ๐Ÿ˜‰ – For now Iโ€™m going to take the time to pull your attention to just one of the tracks featured on this anticipated release.

On Lyssakses Anile and Blu Mar Ten merge their styling’s to create a thoroughly deep, roller. Vocals, drum patterns, light ethereal keys and rounded, submersive bassline conspire together, pressuring the listener to close eyes and leave regular existence behind.

Sikka – Sikkist EP [Formation Records]

A furious EP with a nice little choppy sample collab with DJ SS kicks off the EP on Bring it Low which leads through to Ferocious Flow and into the title track Sikkist. By this point a furious dancefloor burning scene is set for this new Formation Records signing.

Mid way through now and itโ€™s time for anther SS collab on Burst Into Love. Featuring a big round bassline with some cheeky rolls, tasty stuff (SoS Pick).

The EP persists through to the next four offerings. The Raver with an epic build and screeching hoovers and Focus with a sinister turn and some glorious bounce (SoS Pick). Zombies is a frantic, choppy piece of Neurofunk with some pleasant drum work played through where BeLieve has a curious little opening which warrants some attention before unleashing into a rolling flow (This one won me over in the end).