Aphrodite – King Of The Beats 2016 [Aphrodite Recordings]

Imagine my excitement when it was made know that Aphrodite was putting out some new versions of King of the Beats. For me, like many others I’m sure this is pure nostalgia. On this release there’s five pieces to switch on to, including a re-recording of the original. Aphrodite leads the charge with the title track and a little remix version, featuring a pumped up version of the original big bad rolling bassline, whilst keeping to the originals purist drum work and bringing in a more restrained snare for 2016. The horns, of cause, are there and the intro of the female vocal snippet is a blessing 😉
Buy – http://apple.co/1Vz1mzb

What’s different on the Remix? Well, Aphrodite has injected some piecing hi range to the bassline which twists playfully over and if you’re after less of vocal hit there’s Aphro Dub version. On the Levela remix we are treated to the same on the intro before a switch into some snappy Jump-up business.

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