Sikka – Sikkist EP [Formation Records]

A furious EP with a nice little choppy sample collab with DJ SS kicks off the EP on Bring it Low which leads through to Ferocious Flow and into the title track Sikkist. By this point a furious dancefloor burning scene is set for this new Formation Records signing.

Mid way through now and it’s time for anther SS collab on Burst Into Love. Featuring a big round bassline with some cheeky rolls, tasty stuff (SoS Pick).

The EP persists through to the next four offerings. The Raver with an epic build and screeching hoovers and Focus with a sinister turn and some glorious bounce (SoS Pick). Zombies is a frantic, choppy piece of Neurofunk with some pleasant drum work played through where BeLieve has a curious little opening which warrants some attention before unleashing into a rolling flow (This one won me over in the end).

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