Full Kontakt – Minds of industrial [Formation Records]

The EP kicks off with Epica. After a dark cinematic intro, this piece actually launches into a pretty nice, rolling soundscape. All very dramatic and injected to the brim with positive aggression.
It’s the dark vibes of The Creeper stick out (for me) from the EP, with some pacing percussion and twisted bassline underpinned by a low down yet subtle sub bassline. Buy: http://bit.ly/1UBiqF7

The final two pieces are a contrast. Mind Overload is a twisted full on stompathon where One Million Questions is packed with liquid tech vibes with Cory Friesenhan wistfully decanting his lullaby throughout.

Various Artists – Xperiments EP [Vivid Sounds]

This Vivid Sounds EP features four varying pieces all with their merits but it’s hard not to lay some significant praise on the final piece by Taelimb. Don’t Vote is well composed with some dynamic percussion and a basement level, twisting bassline.
Buy Link: btprt.dj/1PtcaY8

Now for the remaining three of the EP. From the dark sinister side comes Detour – Your Love, which is half time by heart, with the odd rush of snare and a thick bassline. The lightest/kindest on the EP is Basic Forces – Out Of The Box, with an almost too high snare the bassline is big and slow and finally there’s the ultraviolent Dungeon Master – Half Grid, which will rip your skin from your flesh and DE atomise your bones should you fancy it.

Soulful Nature – Going Nowhere EP [NexGen Music]

A soulful rolling EP, drenched with sunshine. Opening with Going Nowhere, peppered with sun-drenched strings, a light hint of keys and at times some sax, all led by a lowdown rumbling bassline   .  Still Love U is a deeper and more hypnotic my nature with light keys rushing drum work all u underpinned by a big round bassline.
Buy Link – http://bit.ly/1SNvmao

Third up on this EP is Something New. Launching in with happy positive vibes with a combination of instrumentation that shows this producers style strongly.  There’s some sexy drum breaks and a scaling up of bassline in there as well, making this the SOS top-pick.

Finally, through all the blessed feelings we are treated to yet more on Doing Me. This thoughtful piece sees Soulful Nature on the string tip again.  Doing Me, has a nice raw draw to it on the drum work as it permeates through the subtle rolling bassline.

Aphrodite – King Of The Beats 2016 [Aphrodite Recordings]

Imagine my excitement when it was made know that Aphrodite was putting out some new versions of King of the Beats. For me, like many others I’m sure this is pure nostalgia. On this release there’s five pieces to switch on to, including a re-recording of the original. Aphrodite leads the charge with the title track and a little remix version, featuring a pumped up version of the original big bad rolling bassline, whilst keeping to the originals purist drum work and bringing in a more restrained snare for 2016. The horns, of cause, are there and the intro of the female vocal snippet is a blessing 😉
Buy – http://apple.co/1Vz1mzb

What’s different on the Remix? Well, Aphrodite has injected some piecing hi range to the bassline which twists playfully over and if you’re after less of vocal hit there’s Aphro Dub version. On the Levela remix we are treated to the same on the intro before a switch into some snappy Jump-up business.

Alix Perez and Ivy Lab – Arkestra EP

Ivy Labs and Alix Perez have joined forces on this perfectly dreamy EP. With deep depths and steady, hypnotic, crunchy percussion, underpinning 3 of the soundscapes. The team intro different flavours on the fourth inclusion, Tell Dem and there’s some science to the final piece, No One Else. Yours for the price of 3.5 pints or 2 fancy cocktails http://www.criticalmusic.com/release/alix-perez-ivy-lab-arkestra-ep/


Ethereal layers and distant dreamy vocals wrap around a deep undercurrent of bass whilst raw crunchy percussion permeates through.

The Last Light (SOS pick)

Soul drenched depths are felt all over The Last Light. With some deep bass strings and light twinkles of organ play as dream inspired vocals grace through


More loving vocal work and sweet crunchy percussion. A steady bass melody steps through at ease to create a thoroughly laid back Ballard type piece. Bliss.

Tell Dem

The duo switch the soundscapes for Tell Dem. A big bad, furry bassline is accompanied by more tantalisingly raw snares and some trickster percussion.

No One Else

On the final piece it’s time for some crunchy finger click snares and a subtle, lowdown bouncy bassline. Alex Perez and Ivy Lab have achieved a contrast of energy and serenity which fosters inspiration.

Best of NexGen Music Group 2015 (March 29th 2016)

Come march the 29th new comer label, Nexgen will be putting out a three track remembrance of their best of 2015. On this piece there are three selected tracks from Drum and Bass, House and Garage Fusion.

From the Drum and Bass camp, Soulful Natures Passing By gets the release. A soulful rolling piece, blessed with laidback vocals a steady piano melody with light tickling of keys.

Kachina & Prangman – Smile Ft. Afua is a chilled house piece. Enriched with Afuas vocals, full ranged percussion is blessed with brass and a deep warm bassline.

The final piece is Prangmans House/Garage fused – Herschel. Keeping it deep and warped circularly with layers on the intro the break twists into a much darker throbbing piece.