Rob Sparx – Dreamin EP [NexGen Music]

Hold tight for this one, it’s a blessing for the Jungle/Drum and Bass ear.

Rob Sparx – Archon


A slow steady progression is the order of the day as deep bassline underpins, violin hits and minimalist variations on this deep drum and bass piece.


Rob Sparx – Navigator


Navigator kicks off with rough snares a creeping top line and some big dull kicks before rinsing out to top notch Junglist vibes. Hold tight for some purist chop chop.


Rob Sparx – Jah


It was clear we’d get some dub vibes from this, which come up from the intro as Rob switches in the deep bassline and intros some nice little percussive flavours


Rob Sparx – Dreamin Ft. Dee Ellington & Felix Weldon


Yes the feels are all top notch on this EP but for this boy Rob Sparx brings the soul. A gem of a bassline blasts through a crystal snare line whilst Dee graces her vocals through for many a blessings



Insomniax – Uridium / Longest Night [Viper VIP]

Insomniax goes into the New Year for Viper on the VIP business, ouch. Buy –


Was going to go all critical on the tech intro but massively hyped to be launched some, oh so fast wobble bass, cut up by some harsh rip which changes pattern brutally, over a dominant snare line. Uridium is serious dancefloor business.

Longest Night

There’s a sweet little rushing tech feel to this piece. Whilst gentle patters of synth play over a steady rhythm the soundscape is grounded by a deep bassline.