Brian Brainstorm – Liondub Street Series Vol. 13 – No Mercy

Brian Brainstrom offers up some Jungle / Drum and Bass variations for hungry ears, of the blissfully furious dub inspired variety. Kicking off with the Jungle of Already Dead, a steamer of a piece, horns/gunshots a plenty but the rhythm and bass rolls through in and out of some sweet dub majesty. Already kicked off with some fire, the series launches into the Jump Up remix of Already Dead, packed full of stabs and bass rolls, SO much energy. Buy >

As if that wasn’t enough the series launches into the next phase, with the choppy grinder that is Run Choon only to move into the two sublime body shakers at the end. Both No Mercy Tonight and Unity blitz the basslines with some thick treacly wobble bass. Whether you prefer the subtle synth patters or No Mercy Tonight or the all-time purity of Unity this is a treat to the ears.

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