Signals of Sound Nov 2015

The November mix started up off pretty dark but the Soul/Jazz makes a heavy return at the end. Enjoy.

Kicking off with Kimyan Laws variation for Diaymo and moving into Digitals – A Message. Both these tracks are wonderfully challenging. A Message needs some concentrated listening just to feel all the hidden pieces, a great piece. This is followed by some new pieces from Blu Mar Ten, Royalston and Riya, the latter two from these two artists cracking new albums. Philith is particularly welcome for bringing that disgusting vibe on Fall Apart.

The mood switches at this point and smooth-ens with a BMTM b-side from Spirit and a return to the past with a smooth ride form one part of Roni Sizes Reprazent – DJ Suv. At this point the groove is laid out across tracks from Cutworks, Saxxon, Zero T, Need for Mirrors, Krot, Rizla, Tokyo Prose and that wonderful sunshine piece from Bailey – Sugar.

Kimyan Law – Diaymo VIP
Digital – A Message
SAAL – Signs (Blu Mar Ten Remix)
Royalston – The Warth of Mr Sparkes
Riya and Philth – Fall Apart
Spirit – 107
DJ Suv – Lost Angel
Cutworks – Soulroot
Saxxon – The Only One Feat. Jon Scott
Zero T and Need for Mirrors – Top Shelf feat Spikey Tee
Fizzing fish – Shzirikens Groove
Krot, Rizla – My Only One Feat Meduza
Tokyo Prose – Tell Me
Bailey – Sugar
Looking In (Feat ED:IT) – Without Worry
Dave Owen – Red Sky at Night
Roy Green and Protone – Renaissance
BCEE – Breath In

Navigator – Junglist Sound Killer Cuts Remixes

There’s some good variation on this remix release, tipped over on the junglist end for the first four with a true to Reggae shout on the Social Security Remix of Chatty Mouth.  Three caught this humble souls ear…Buy >

Navigator – Kingston 11 Ft. Bass Nacho & Liondub (Upgrade Remix)

A bouncing rhythm is injected into this dub.  Plenty of deep down energy and such a bopping minimalist vibe make this special (Top Pick).

Navigator – Meditation Time Ft. Jah Lingua (Sub Killaz Remix)

There’s something to be said for this purly because of its interesting twist on the drop, some sweet raw feelings to the soundscape on this make it worth an earful

Navigator – Junglist Sound Ft. Ranking Joe, Liondub & Marcus Visionary (Bluntskull Remix)

Bluntskull brings some nice sunshine sway to this piece.  A deep funked up bassline wins for the piece. Bliss.

Akuratyde – Embrace EP (Pure Joy!)

A wonderful release from BMTM for Akuratyde.  The Embrace EP features 4 pieces that are closer to the lighter Blu Mar Ten sound than my ears have felt in a while and an essential listen. Buy here >

Whether you are up for the pure, tearful joy of Light in My Eyes (Top pick), the hope and promise expressed through the wrapping melody on Sway or the darker undertones felt on Time Left Behind there is variation for all.  There’s also a good mix of rhythm variation for the EP, with both Sway and Embrace sticking to the usual DnB roll, with Embrace featuring some pleasant reverby snares


Sway is full of hope and promise.  Warm bass underpins light synth and a wrapping melody

Time Left Behind

Deep with dark undertones, this half time piece has

Lights in My Eyes (Top Pick)

For the emotive. This immersive soundscape will bring a tear to the eyes.  A joyful, pure rise.


Relaxed Light keys play over a stead tom kick rhythm and some reverby click snares.

Brian Brainstorm – Liondub Street Series Vol. 13 – No Mercy

Brian Brainstrom offers up some Jungle / Drum and Bass variations for hungry ears, of the blissfully furious dub inspired variety. Kicking off with the Jungle of Already Dead, a steamer of a piece, horns/gunshots a plenty but the rhythm and bass rolls through in and out of some sweet dub majesty. Already kicked off with some fire, the series launches into the Jump Up remix of Already Dead, packed full of stabs and bass rolls, SO much energy. Buy >

As if that wasn’t enough the series launches into the next phase, with the choppy grinder that is Run Choon only to move into the two sublime body shakers at the end. Both No Mercy Tonight and Unity blitz the basslines with some thick treacly wobble bass. Whether you prefer the subtle synth patters or No Mercy Tonight or the all-time purity of Unity this is a treat to the ears.

InsideInfo & Mefjus – Pulsation / Talisman (Hold tight for Talisman)

InsideInfo & Mefjus – Pulsation
Inside and Mefjus kick off their release with Pulsation with an enveloping key scales which breaks into some purist deep yet hard hitting bass and a sketchy synth which still has a sweet little funk feel to it.

InsideInfo & Mefjus – Talisman (SoS pick)
Talisman rises up on impact to some big madness. Seriously funky tech seeps through on this one. Intelligent yet wild Dnb for the dancefloor, toxic.

Out 9th Oct. 2015 on Viper Recordings. Buy on Beatport: | Listen on | Buy on iTunes: | More Info: