Aquasky – Shadow Era EP.1 (Blessed sounds from the days of Moving Shadow)

The first of a two part journey into the early Aquasky sound, pure blessings at ever turn. Purchase >

Aquasky – Images

Jazzy vibes awash this deep soundscape, with a pure sub-bassline and some gorgeous drum and chopper percussion hits. Stay tuned to the second part of this piece for some pure lift.

Art of Noise – Crusoe (Aquasky Remix)

Enter a crisp choppy rhythm into a hypnotic jazz soaked vibe. With light layers and melocholy samples this Aquasky Remix will spin you into a meditative state.

Aquasky – Kuana

Some classic Aquasky sounds are present here. A playful key line accompanied by a laid back organ ride.  Kuana is laiden with soul funk influence, cheeky percussion and a thick treacly bassline.

Aquasky – Moondance (Top Pick)

Plenty of old school feeling in this piece and a low, low down bassline. Sit back and let the soothing sax synth, gently engulf those senses.

Omni Trio – Who Are You (Aquasky Remix)

I’m guilty of being biased here. This was one of my early favourites, making me who I am today. A sublime bassline and angelic layers, all accompanied by some hypnotic xylophone pepper this old classic.

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