SoS Aug 2015 – (LSB, DRS, Lenzman, dBridge, Scorpio, Need for Mirrors)

First snippet from the August 2015 Mixcast. Image thanks to –

DRS – The View ft LSB & Tyler Daley

Full of energy with a zen like perfection brought by the wistful vocals of Tyler Daley, LSB’s drum and layer stylings and some craft lyricism from Sir DRS. Wraps the listener up and locks down for a spiritual experience.

Lenzman – Just Can’t Take (feat.DRS) – dBridge Remix

Lenzman gets the dBridge treatment. Brought down low, stripped and retextured with a raw snare and deadly bassline dBridge pays homage to the DRS vocals to fall effect. An effortless lesson in keeping the vibe at its bones. If you fancy the Dub version the Metalheadz have thrown that into the release also.

Scorpio – 26 bass (special mix)

Barebone dance floor ripper with some special little break sections and a big old snare. A combo perfect for some nice primal aggression.

Need 4 Mirrors – Self Portrait

On the b-side Need for Mirrors brings the same vocal hints from Ethos through to another deep down piece. Self Portrait features form playful keys, which patter across and through the piece as it progressives through in an intelligent manner.

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