Aquarian Dreams – Makoto and A-Sides

A cracker of an collaboration has fruited a rounded album with more than a handful of tracks which demand your attention. Featuring the final release of Searchin, Aquarian Dreams gifts some class funk fuelled pieces, including Resistance, Street Level Funk and Envision. Vocal workings form Riya, Robert Manos, Tali and Spikey Tee are also all high quality, making this a must hear album.


Robert Manos offers serene vocals to this deep spacey roller. Jupiter is aptly named, featuring a pitta patter of light synth and an 80โ€™s funk fuelled melody line the listener is bathed in a soundscape rich with the earlier anticipation of space exploration. A feel good roller.

Night Flight

The combination of the two artists is clear in Night Flight. Where Makotos layers and piano are swiftly rocked by a naughty bass line and under pinned by a primary deep sub-bass, rolling underneath. Night flight progresses throughout, begging to the listener to join it through. Check out the Makoto and A-Sides mix for Data Transmission to really see how this can be presented in a mix ๐Ÿ˜‰


A piano based, dare I say it uplifting composition. A varying drum pattern chops through a deep bassline and under an every layering topline. True to many of the pieces on this album Makoto and A-Sides are fond of no repetition in the second phases of their pieces and with Night Shift this is no exception as the light vibe is stripped right back mid-way and a ripping bassline stomps in before the track is uplifted again ๐Ÿ˜‰

Where do we go feat Riya

Feel good piano floor smasher. Will probably keep the smile on your face, there is a time for that in Dnb by the way. All the power goes to this one as we anticipate the full play album from Riya – Sublimination.


Thereโ€™s such a flow on this one. A deep rolling bassline gradually steps down, allied with an immersive top layer before dropping into a funked synth bassline. Pure class, eyes closed and smile feelings on this.


(SoS โ€“ Recommended)

The album takes it down with some intelligent soul, yes. A clear partnership is shown here in possibility one of the best of the album.

Hurt my Soul

No nonsense soul bought to a rushing vibe. Perfect as it is, one that Iโ€™d love to hear some vocals over, MC’s should hit this hard. Funk/Jazz smasher.

Back In Your Arms (Feat Tali)

Makoto brings the funk and Tali brings the serenity on this laid back sun drenched vocal number. Lashings of layers drift over a distant piano synth and riding underneath a classy little cowbell (if you can hear it), beat line.

You Sexy Beast

Makoto and A-Sides sample from a classic Disco piece to raise the bar on this deep rushing roller. This cheeky little number packs a solid drum pattern, a treacly bassline plus some nice little dub inspired sampling โ€“ VIBES


(SoS โ€“ Recommended)

The album takes a turn for the ripper on this on. A brilliant switch, where the A-Sides can be firmly felt on. It’s a get down low FAST moment as we enter a lesson as this ripping dnb piece takes a progressive feel when it comes down to the sound layering. Yes and a rave element is there, get in on those sounds.

Street Love Funk

(SoS โ€“ Recommended)

Funky Drum and Bass purified and bottled. I know it’s in the title but it is and these two are some of the best that do it. The variation in feel from your standard DnB run must be an MC’s wet dream for creativity. Builds up a tense edgy feel before consistently dropping in deeper, one attacking the floor.

Simplicity (Feat Spikey Tee)

Soul enriched roller with a lovely little breakdown. Spikey Tee sings through the sunshine vibes gently as guitar melodies accompany a deep down sub-bass line.


Been around for an age, so the release of Searchin was warmly received. A classy little swayer and always a hand up moment when aired on through the wires.


(SoS โ€“ Recommended + in the box)

Damn beautifully, thatโ€™s the prime info you need. Lay back enjoy the break the guitars, layers and melodic feel on this one. Although this might be because Iโ€™m a sucker for a chord change.

Searchin (Marky Remix)

Searchin is given the Markey treatment. Sticking to the tracks foundations Markey builds in a ripped bassline in replace of the funk synth line of the original.