SoS – June Shouts 1 (Actralser, Qumulus, Ray Keith)

Snippet from the SoS Mixcast for June 2015. Image thanks to BluMarTen –

Polychromatic – Actralser
Some wonderful 90’s sounds on this deep thrashing Jungle piece. Polychromatic has a cinematic quality brimming with the kind of drum work threating to break from its metporhical shackles. This is all finished off nicely with the occasional inspired hoover.

Time Stands Still – Actralser
Another stormer from Actralser. Tiem Stands still is heavy on with the 90’s sound,, layering up nicely, engulfing the listener.

Leaving it all – Qumulus
A jazzy ahem roller with a deep grounding, featuring some classy brass work and a mystical vibe from an instrument I can’t identify Leaving it all also has a strong message, adding a poetic quality to the piece. This has grown on me strong and for a reason I’m not aware of, I long for the energy injection mid-way through.
A rock a river a tree…

Dark Soldier VIP – Ray Reith
Ray Keith smashed the art of subtle production on Dark Soldier. This piece packs a mighty punch on the bassline level which is the stable of the track. To the discerning listener through the drum work might be the most significant player, although subtle it adds much to the timeless quality of this historic DnB piece

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