Sun and Bass 10 Years selection – All the spectrum in one perfect selection order

Once a year on the isle of Sardinia, Italy, the town of San Teodoro is set upon by a tribe of people with unique mindset, you wouldn’t know by the way they act the way they dress or for anything else for that matter.  The understanding between them is a firm love of the Drum and Bass Rhythm, past and present (probably the sun aswell).  This album celebrates 10 years of this unique party, capturing possibly all the vibes this rich music form has to offer and in the perfect order.

The flow of the album kicks off with the funked up jazz sounds of Sci-clones – Away from Home and leads nicely into the deep jazz fuelled flows of Tokyo Prose – Good Bye Hands.

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Listen to album below or listen to some of the Sun and Bass podcast series > here

With that sun soaked start the deepness of Look Through Me by FD Ft. Collette Warren slides in followed by an equally sun sun vibe drenched piece by Fracture & Mark System – In The Shade (Secret Location Mix) , inspiring images of the more chilled moments at Sun and Bass.  This feeling continues with Love Again as Seba, Arp XP & Alite Ft. MC Fava collaborate to mellow the very core of the soul. Utah Jazz and A Sardinian Way continue this vibe with rich melancholy piano keys, deep basslines and transcending layers all before the vibe is brought deep with the crystal clarity of Triads – Catharsis.

Mid way through theres a switch of agenda as Klute turns on some rushing pace rhythm and deep bass stabbing with ‘In The Head’. Nymfo & Chris.Su then collaborate on Repression another dark journey, peppered with eerie keys and a grimacing bassline.  Following this it’s Dom and Rolands turn to take us into the night with Merkling before Skepticals – Rain breaks up the pace, mellows and gets experimental for an intro to yet another side to Drum and Bass, always welcome. Ulterior Motive follows on nicely with a intelligent Drum and Bass journey with Fragola Invisible, dark and brooding and following on nicely into the deep sub-bass sound of Audio Habitat & Mad Vibes – Get Your Music Heard.  With the dark intelligent pieces out the way the album launches to the immerse layers and liquid basslines of dBridge – Breakfast Club (very unlike his normal sound but fresh to here).

The final two tracks take it down into a smooth groove.  Whether it be the chilled to the core jazz bass of  Code 3 – G-String or the wonderfully entrancing piano keys and vocal snips of Zero T – Eight Daze these two round off the album perfectly.  This has to be one of the greatest order selections for a long time.

Sci-Clone – Away From Home

Tokyo Prose – Good Bye Hands

FD Ft. Collette Warren – Look Through Me

Fracture & Mark System – In The Shade (Secret Location Mix)

Seba, Arp XP & Alite Ft. MC Fava – Love Again

Utah Jazz – A Sardinian Way

Triad – Catharsis

Klute – In The Head

Nymfo & Chris.Su – Repression

Dom & Roland – Merkling

Skeptical – Rain

Ulterior Motive – Fragola Invisible

Audio Habitat & Mad Vibes – Get Your Music Heard

dBridge – Breakfast Club

Code 3-G-String

Zero T- Eight Daze

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