Royalston – OCD

Royalstons long anticipated album is finally here.  OCD is an 18 piece journey through the  meticulous mind of this Hospital records artist.  Featuring a bounty of incendiary tracks ranging across Drum and Bass, Drumstep and Dubstep with the token laidback piece, adding texture to the album.  Warning through – if you’re going for a start to finish sequential listen your dipped straight into the action. 

Perfect for the party these pieces will be shaking dance floors the world over for sure although there are some gems in there from the progressive side of drum and bass which are an absolute delight.  Personally your all going to want to purchase the moment you get to Black Cloud, which I suspect is why it’s at the end of the album.

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01 Jungle Gone Down feat. August Storm

Totally on fire, a blistering album opener. (SBM PICK)
02 Arps Of Fury

Drumstepping beats and glitchy synth weave through this piece.
03 Steeplechase

Steeplechase is full of acid vibes, not often heard on DnB, giving a it a different playful feel, which is quickly shattered by a grinding synth line.  This track is peppered with subtle manipulation, a testament to this artists attention to detai.
04 Stalking Stones

Stalking Stones eases in with nervous tones before dropping into some voodoo antics, this one grows on you – one of our favs. Choppy and topped up with energy
05 Keys

Eases in for a while as with the previous track.  Layers on piano keys before entering into a Drumstep rythum under pinned by a delicious running synth. Excellent piece. (SBM PICK)
06 OCD

Scary to say the least all minimalistic bold and punchy at the same time. CRACK
07 Kronos

An eeire, cinematic piece with a steady beat, looking to play on the craft of build layers and driving melody – Potentially going to shock a dance floor
08 People Who Look Like You feat. Victoria

Royalston gets playful with Victoria’s vocals on this sinister choppy Drumstep piece. 
09 Modular Jam

Modular Jam is minimal piece, with a deep dark bassline a absolutely addictive combination of contrasting sounds – Making it all very hard to explain.  Just look at the album art and it should visualise the soundscape for you here – Sure a blessing of a track!
10 Lunar

It’s good and will go down well in the mix but there are so many other strong tracks on this album.  The highlight for this track is the break before it plunges back down into the groove, a small part but effective.
11 Get Up And Growl

Love the syncopation in rhythm here as the listener is submerged in into a stepping rhythm, pattered full of the Royalston charm.  This is a hypnotic piece and excellent manipulation of sound. (SBM PICK)
12 Shark

Minimalist percussion led piece with a superbly sketchy synth, lead line. Desperate to hear this played out! (SBM PICK)
13 Slimebanks

Strong pulses puncture this rave inspired stormer, its going to mess up some places for sure with its playful percussion breaks and sketchy synth rolls
14 Black Cloud feat. Victoria

Here it is!! The one to grab.  A jazzy vocal from Victoria dances over a dark roller bassline, with some mood manipulating key shifts this will have you seeing shadows 😉 (SBM PICK) We can see why its at the end – It’s VERY hard to follow
15 When Unwanted Thoughts Take Over

Good – but at this point I’ve rewound to Black Cloud about three times already and nothing compares – Sorry – Send any unwanted thoughts in a jar 😉
16 Memory Jar 

A ripping bassline dominates this piece with some erratic snyth work on the break and rumbling, punishing sub-bass line
17 Days Go On feat. Bianca Calandra

Bicanca vocals wisp through this piece, one of the more laidback of the album. 
18 Geisha Rhythm

Royalston ends the album with a deeply intelligent drum driven track.  This is yet another journey into sound contrast and manipulation as the listener is taken trough tribal and alien sounds.


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