Frederic Robinson – Mixed Signals

Frederic Robinson received much praise for his Theme Park release, so it wasn’t going to be a surprise if his Mixed Signals album was going to be an essential listen.  Packed full to the brim with orchestra sounds, enveloping layers and crafty drum work this is a journey into the mind of a classically trained, electronically enhanced hybrid mind.  Start to finish listening, no second rate pieces and rich in diversity, one of those albums you should be proud to own from the year 2013.


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Blu Mar Ten Music

Mixes including Frederic Robinson 

1 Theme Park

Theme Park was the original first release on BluMarTen music.  With its intelligent  and frantic drum patterns and playful keys when this emerged mid 2013 the fresh nature of the sound took a lot of people by surprise as another vain of Drum and Bass apparently bloomed! – Orchestra DnB anyone! who cares…

2 The Brightest Things

Wistful  and melancholy piece, warming to the heart with some strong puncturing breaks.  Melanie Robinsons angelic vocals sway through this piece in a dreamlike manner.

3 Vamp Till Ready

An intense build-up up characterises this piece, a truly orchestral Drum and Bass ride for the age.

4 Shut

Frederic Robinsons layer building craft continues to form in Shut.  A deep bassline also underpins this piece as the ride is permeated by the playful patter of chimes, involving childlike memories.

5 Particles

Particles is a personal favourite.  Probably one of the most energetic on the album.  Layer after layer, pattern after pattern is heaped on the listener before being cut quickly and abruptly. Mood altering stuff.

6 Rain

Rain takes the tempo of the album down.  Melanie Robinson returns to the vocals weaving her voice through the soundscape, bringing forth a heavenly experience

7 Bloom

Blooms broken beat permeate a deep bassline and rising layers, words escape me… This is a phased piece where Frederic Robinson blends what could have been strong demonic beats with his rich textures to create something much more than the sum of its parts

8 Mixed Signals

Electronic and Orchestra sounds meet in unison on Mixed Signals.  Pure delight, this is what the trend to over polishing music these days should be working towards.

9 Off Topic

Seriously playful and rich in sound and scoop.  Off-Topic was the first of Frederic’s Robinson releases in this style.  A bloody roller coaster ride and part of yet another new Drum and Bass sound.

10 Secret

The third and final track featuring Melanie’s vocals.  Light piano keys compliment a inspiring, shuffling rhythm and plenty of classically inspired musical switches.

11 Static Float

When first hearing Static Float I was drawn in on an emotional level.  I have no idea why. It might be the Drum patterns loyalty to earlier Drum and Bass mixed with the sublime piano work all punctured with Dub inspired drops and reverb changes.  There are so many influences on this piece it just inspires.  I lied earlier – this is my best of the lot!!

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