Famous Lost Words Remixes Part 3 – Nuage, Ulterior Motive and Kimyan Law

Ulterior Motive, Nuage and new BluMarTen Music new comer Kimyan Law are on remixing duties for the third installment of the BluMarTen, Famous Lost words remix collection.  This definately one to get your ears on if your fond of the Ulterior Motive touch and the emergance of Kimyan Law as a devlopment of the BluMarTen Music labels own brand of sound is a story to be part of. Purchase.

BluMarTen – In Your Eyes (Ulterior Motive Remix)

Ulterior Motive  takes to remix duties for In Your Eyes, essentially working some deep dark witchcraft on it.  Bringing it right down tempo, applying a toxic, ripping bassline and some tasty quick chop Amen style hits.  This would teach a dance floor a thing or two mid-madness.

BluMarTen – Half the Sky (Kimyan Law Remix)

BluMarTen haven’t been short of praise for their new signing so I’m going into this with high hopes.  This remix doesn’t disappoint, so I’ll be straight out for the buys new releases then!.  Peppered with a Xylophone sound, very refreshing, and what feels like a fresh bassline sound (magic) half the Sky has a dark magic quality about it.  Like with Frederic Robinson before him, this listener is very happy.  What a cheeky ending 😉

BluMaTen – Famous Lost Words (Nuage remix)

Nuage takes what was essentially a much laid back track beefs it up a bit, yet manages to create an even more laidback vibe.  This’ll have you wrapped up in an aural ball of warmth for the winter.

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