Famous Lost Words Remixes Part 2 – Kid Drama, Anile and Conduct

Part two of the BluMarTen Famous Lost Words Remix series features three workings from Kid Drama, Anile and Conduct.  Some rich textures in here, aswell as a few surprises. Purchase

BluMarTen – Thin Air (Kid Drama Remix)

For those that know the original Thin Air is a wonderfully layered piece with a sublime vocal.  Kid Drama’s take stays true to the layers and breaks the beats up, whilst weaving some tempo trickery over the original vocals.  The outcome is almost a different track entirely, proving some excellent remix skills.  Despite this the true message of Thin Air remains as Kid Drama escalates the encompassing layers and bassline throughout.  This is a submissive experience. 

BluMarTen – Remembered Her Wrong (Anile remix)

Anile takes the reins for Remembered Her Wrong, another fine matchup.  Anile grabs hold of the essential parts and sounds for what was originally quite a dark piece and lifts it up slightly, underpinning it all with a deliciously deep bassline which takes more of a centre stage as the track moves through, culminating in a what almost feels rolling, bound to have you swaying wherever you are .

BluMarTen – Hunter (Conduct Remix)

Help! I can’t remember the original, Conduct has changed how I remember it.  This track features some of the original bad arseness of Hunter but is full of serene layers hits and a moreish sub-bass line, yum.  Despite this there’s a special edge to this remix, which never quite makes you feel safe.


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