Famous Lost Words Remixes Part 1 – Break and Frederic Robinson

The first part of the Blu Mar Ten, Famous Lost Words Remix series pays homage to the voice of Agne Genyte.  The gates open to two respected producers bringing two very differing flavours to the table. Purchase

BluMarTen – Break IT All Apart (feat Agne Genyte) Break Remix


Break opens up on this Remix series with his take on Break IT All Apart.  A deep twisted basslines rides under a rushing beat line as the sky high layers and blessing ethereal vocals of Agne Genyte offer a dream like quality.  This is one of those pieces that fits anywhere.  Guaranteed to stir emotions.  Break has also blessed an extra dimension to his bassline in the second part, ushering in the need for double plays πŸ˜‰

BluMarTen Somewhere (feat Agne Genyte) – Frederic Robinson

Anything Frederic Robinson puts his brain to is worth a listen but to have the chilled out vibes of Somewhere given the works is a blessing.  This remix strips it back and half times the original, chilling it to the core.  Throughout Frederic builds the atmospherics up, true to fashion, edging on a crescendo before bringing it down again.  This is 5 star remixing.


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