Blu Mar Ten complete their picture – Love is the Devil

BluMarTen know how to keep the excitement going. Back in June 2011 they put out the wonderfully mellow soundscapes and solid beats of Five Summers along with the sharp shooting roller of a collab with Inside Info, ‘Still The One’.

Shortly after that breath of fresh air BluMarTen hit out again with the dirty ‘Problem Child’ and serene ‘Sweet Little Supernova’ feat Rochelle Parker

And now as if to reward all the patience and to fully quench the Blu Mar Ten thirst the launch of their album ‘Love is the Devil’ is finally here. Full of rounded basslines, polished snares and higher than high layers, Blu Mar Ten have delivered a full and comprehensive journey into their current style. This album has a flavour for all occasions whether you feel like getting your ears on the harder vibes of Damage and Into the Light or the Ultra chilled flavours of All Thoughts are Prayers, Blind Soul and High Hopes. All in all this album is packed full of gem after gem, a journey into the more musical, intelligent side of Drum and Bass.

Blu Mar Ten – Love is the Devil

Release date: 31st Oct 2011
Formats: Vinyl / CD / Digital

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Into The Light (feat. Airwalker)
All Thoughts Are Prayers
Blind Soul (feat. Stray)
Five Summers
High Hopes (feat. INtrepid)
The Beginning
Made In London
The Fourth (feat. Jenni Potts)
Another Year (feat. Mike Lesirge)
Problem Child
Love Is The Devil
Sweet Little Supernova (feat. Rochelle Parker)
Hollow Men
Whisper (feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw)
Blue Skies
Still The One (feat. InsideInfo)
All Or Nothing


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